Sultana Citizen TV: Full Story, Actors Real Names, Episodes and Cast Details

Sultana TV Series (Citizen TV)


Sultana is the newest TV show on Kenya’s number one TV station, Citizen TV, the show is replacing the ended Kenyan TV drama, Zora.

Sultana will be airing on Citizen TV from Monday to Friday at 7:30PM East African Time.

The Kenyan TV show Sultana officially kicked off on the 7th of March 2022 and Kenyans are already hooked to the show.

Sultana which is a pure Kenyan soap opera television series has featured some of the most renowned Kenyan actors and actresses.

Here is what you need to know about the new Citizen TV show, Sultana.

Is Sultana On Citizen TV a Kenyan Drama?

Yes! The show is acted by Kenyans, recorded and shot in Kenya (coast), directed and scripted by Kenyans and the company that made Sultana TV series possible is a film company owned by a Kenyan, not mentioning that the TV series (Sultana) is aired on a Kenyan TV station (Citizen TV) and uses Swahili (a Kenyan language).

Where Can I Watch Sultana Series?

Sultana is aired every weekday (Monday to Friday) on Citizen Television, starting at exactly 7:30PM East Africa Time (EAT).

The program airs on TV for nothing more than 25 minutes, the rest of the time will be used for advertisement break before the show ends at 8:00PM (EAT).

Who Created Sultana TV Series?

Sultana Kenyan TV drama was created and made possible by Jiffy Pictures, which is a media production studio in Kenya.

The company (Jiffy Pictures) is owned by Lulu Hassan.

Jiffy Pictures is actually currently the best Swahili Production House in Kenya.

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How Long Will Sultana Air On TV?

Sultana TV series is expected to air on Citizen TV for nothing more than a year since its kick off in March 2022.

Who Is The Main Actor On Sultana TV Show?.

The starring or the main actor of Sultana series on Citizen TV is the actress who plays “Sultana”, her real name is Mwanaasha Johari.

She is a Kenyan entertainer, a well respected model and a thespian, we can’t also forget to mention that she is a Muslim by religion.

As mentioned earlier, Sultana TV series features some of the greatest actors in the Kenyan film industry.

Below are the actors and actresses of Sultana on Citizen TV and their Real Names.

Sultana Cast (actors/actresses) Characters And Their Real Names:

Sultana – Mwanaasha Johari

Babu – Lolani Kalu

Bi Ua – Marian Ahmed Mzee

Bi Salama – Rehema Rajab

Jabali Junior – Othman Njaidi

Major Jabali – Suleiman Fadhili

Baby Sultana – Mercy Shani

Young Jabali Junior – Khalid Jamal Ali

Mareno – Juma Shambi

Kokan Junior – Issa Mwandigo

Dida – Winnie Bwire

Baby JJ – Aqsa Shani

Duya – Patrick Francis Owino

Zuu – Annette Odubi

Mwanzele – David Mbiko

Abya – Verity Wakilo

Fatma – Angie Magio

Dr. Kambi – Yasmin Esmail June

Dr. Kokan – Nelson Mandela

Sultana First Episode (7th March 2022) Video:

Sultana Series Full Theme Song Video:

There is no doubt that Sultana TV series which has a coastal theme will be one of the most popular TV shows in the country (if not already), because Jiffy Pictures and Citizen TV never disappoints Kenyans when it comes to drama and TV entertainment.

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