35+ Best Baseball Pick Up Lines

Baseball Pick up lines

Looking for the funniest baseball pick up lines, cheesy pick up lines and dirty baseball pick up lines?.

Here are the greatest Baseball pick up lines for all the baseball fans out there who want to flirt using baseball pick up lines, baseball game pick up lines among other related pick up lines about baseball.

Below are are best baseball pick up lines to flirt with today during a baseball game or event or where it will fits smoothly.

Baseball Pick Up Lines:

Erase erratic bat from your vocabulary because I am as functional as they come.

Would you like me to show you my spitball?

Just so you know, you would not have to worry about broken bats with me.

Would you sign me up for your fan club?

Do you think you could tame my diamond back?

Did you know you had more members on your fan club than you would imagine?

I have been warming up this bench for you.

Ah. I feel faint, did you just hit me? With a pitch?

I think I will slamming something out of the park tonight.

So, you must be baseball, because I am hitting.

Hello. Do you play baseball? I cannot even pronounce it.

Do I look anything like a fielder’s choice?

Would you like to bat for me?

If you were an outfielder, would you catch me? Always?

I am about to calculate some pif at home, would you like to join?

I am taking a chance; a joke? The Blue Jays. Somethng serious? My feelings for you.

So, is it my dugout or yours?   

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How good is your catch? Because I am falling for you.   

I am falling for you. And I hope you have good catches, I do not want to reach the ground.   

Hey, you are up next. I hope you are on deck circle.

You better get on deck circle because you are up next.

So, I am off base and my lead off is not any great. Would you let me take you on a date? That I could make great.

Would you permit me to pinch hit on you?

You look like a reliever, I’d like to sign you up for a lifelong contract with a vesting option.

Hey, I think I am falling in glove with you. Would you catch me?

You better have a good catch, my trip for you is getting real.

Hey, I think you are quite the catch.

Give me your number so I can make the call.

Personally, I am not interested but the umpire in me wants your number so he can make the call.

More funny and cheesy Baseball pick up lines

You are warming me up. Do we, by chance, happen to be in the bullpen?

You look like an angel, do you happen to be in the outfield.

You look like a third base coach who is going to wave me home.

Why do you look so familiar? Oh yes, the third base coach. C’mon wave me home.

Do you know your way around the bases?

Would you like to know what else I can lay down for you? A sacrifice.

I know you might get this a lot, but I could go bat for you.

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Ever seen a diamond? If you date me, you will see one.

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