Top 10 Best Dog Breeds In Nigeria 2023

Best dog breeds in Nigeria

What’s the best dog breed in Nigeria?.

Here are the top 10 Nigerian local dog breeds today ranked as the best breed of dogs in the country of Nigeria.

What Is a Dog Breed?.

A dog breed is a particular strain of dog that was purposefully bred by humans to perform specific tasks, such as herding, hunting, and guarding.

These breeds possess distinct traits related to morphology, which include body size, skull shape, tail phenotype, fur type, body shape, and coat colour.

In Nigeria today, there are quite a number of well recognized dog breeds.

In the United States alone, the AKC’s dog breed list currently includes 190 dog breeds.

As of the the entire world at large, the FCI lists 360 officially recognized breeds.

With the help of Nigerian dog breeders, owners, local animal shelter, rescue and Kenyan Magazine research.

These are currently the top 10 best and most popular dog breeds to pet in Nigeria these days.

Popular Dog Breeds In Nigeria:

  1. German Shepherd
  2. Rottweiler
  3. Caucasian Breed
  4. American Pitbull
  5. English Mastiffs
  6. British Bulldog
  7. Chow Chow
  8. Boerboel
  9. Samoyed
  10. Tibetan Mastiff
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