Top 20 Best Insurance Companies In Uganda 2022

Best Insurance companies in uganda

What is the best insurance company in Uganda?.

Below is the list of the top best life and non-life insurance companies operating in uganda today.

Uganda is one of those African countries with quite a large number of insurance companies.

But not all the insurance companies in UG are accredited and offer the best services.

In this article, we have listed down Uganda’s top LICENSED insurance companies in the country as of this year.

Below the name of the insurance company in uganda, you will be able to find the insurance company’s address for you to easily access the insurance company.

Now here is the list of insurance companies available and operating in Uganda right now.

List of Uganda’s best life insurance companies and non-life insurance companies that are licensed in the country are available in the following list.

With no particular order, here are licensed insurance companies in uganda.

Best Insurance Companies In Uganda:

  1. UAP Insurance Uganda Limited.
  2. GoldStar Life Assurance Company Limited.
  3. The Jubilee Life Insurance Company of Uganda.
  4. Liberty Life Assurance Company Limited.
  5. NIC Life Assurance Company Limited.
  6. East African Underwriters Limited.
  7. NIC General Insurance Company Limited.
  8. Statewide Insurance Company Limited.
  9. The Jubilee Insurance Company of Uganda.
  10. TransAfrica Assurance Limited.
  11. Sanlam Life Insurance Company Limited.
  12. UAP Life Assurance Uganda Limited
  13. AIG Uganda Limited.
  14. Basani insurance limited.
  15. Alliance Africa General Insurance Limited.
  16. Britam Insurance Uganda Limited.
  17. CIC General Insurance Uganda Limited.
  18. AAR Insurance Company
  19. Jubilee Insurance Company
  20. IAA Insurance Company
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