30+ Cheesiest Pick Up Lines

Cheesy pick up lines

Looking for the best cheesy pick up lines to flirt with your special someone?.

You are in the right place.

Below are the best cheesy pick up lines that actually work and will definitely help you get a positive feedback.

Enjoy the cheesiest pick up lines below.

Cheesy Pick Up Lines:

I think I’m lost.  Can you tell me the directions to your heart?.

Excuse me ma’am.. I lost my number. Can I have your number Instead? 

Are you a boxer? Because you’re already a knockout!

Do you mind sharing me your heart? My heart was suddenly stolen. 

One thing I would love to change about you – it’s your last name. 

Can you lend me a hand? So that I can feel an angel’s touch.

I love to be beside you because you’re my better half

Do you like magic?  Because you can make people around me disappear! 

I don’t know photography, but I always picture the two of us together. 

You look familiar! I think you’re my future boyfriend or girlfriend. 

Do you want to know what you’re made of? You’re a boyfriend or girlfriend material. 

Asides from being sexy, what else do you do in your life? 

Do you believe in love today or do I need to ask it again? 

I don’t believe in heaven, but when I saw you, I’m a believer.

Do you have a parking ticket? Because I’m always feeling fine besides you! 

Are you tired all day? Because you kept running on my mind! 

Is there an airport here or I feel my heart is taking off?.

Did you see the sun came out or did you smiled at me? 

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You’re pretty, and I’m cute so let’s be together and become pretty cute! 

The rain stopped when you came because you’re the sunshine on my rainy day! 

Are you hurt when you fell for me? 

Can I follow you to your home? My parents told me to follow my dream. 

Did you lose something? I think you can find inside my heart 

Are you Google?  Because you already have the things I want. 

Be ready to meet a thief who’s going to steal your heart. 

I’m not a genie, but I can fulfill all your wishes. 

If you’re not me forever, then will you be my lifetime?.

People say Disneyland is Earth’s happiest place. Well, every place is happy when I’m with you. 

I’m a bit tired this morning, but you arrived, I feel hyper again. 

Is your name “Religious”? Because you answered my prayers. 

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