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Equity Bank

Do you want to know how much money an equity agent in Kenya makes?.

This article has the entire commission every equity bank agent in Kenya makes per transaction done.

Below is the commission of an Equity Bank Agent paid to them per successful transaction.

Here is the commission that an Equity Agent makes;

Equity Bank Agent Commission:

Equity Bank Agent Commission on Deposits;

  • Amount Deposited: Ksh.100 to 5,000
    Commission: Ksh.10
  • Amount Deposited: Ksh.5,001 to 10,000
    Commission: Ksh.15
  • Amount Deposited: Ksh.10,001 to 20,000
    Commission: Ksh.20
  • Amount Deposited: Ksh.20,001 and above
    Commission: Ksh.30

Also, an agent will earn commissions for withdrawals,

Equity Bank Agent Commission for Withdrawal;

  • Amount: Ksh.100 to 2500
    Commission: Ksh.15
  • Amount: Ksh.2,501 to 5,000
    Commission: Ksh.25
  • Amount: Ksh.5,001 to 10,000
    Commission: Ksh.35
  • Amount: Ksh.10,001 to 20,000
    Commission: Ksh.60
  • Amount: Ksh.20,001 to 35,000
    Commission: Ksh.70
  • Amount: Ksh.35,001 to 50,000
    Commission: Ksh.90
  • Amount: Ksh.50,001 and above
    Commission: Ksh.120

An Equity Bank agent also earns commissions by helping out Equity Bank Clients.

Commission paid per successfully helping a client out with the following Equity Bank services:

  • Account Opening
    Commission: Ksh.100
  • Eazzy 24/7
    Commission: Ksh.30
  • E hapo hapo
    Commission: Ksh.50.
  • Account Reactivation
    Commission: Ksh.50
  • Beba
    Commission: Ksh.50

Equity Bank Agents are allowed to run other services such as: M-Pesa, KCB Mtaani among other in the same shop.

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