Family Bank Transaction And Service Charges 2023

Family Bank Kenya

Family Bank Kenya is one of the most customer friendly banks in Kenya. It offers a lot of free transactions and services for its customers.

But as expected, the Bank also charges a few Kenyan Shillings for certain transactions or services done by the bank.

Family Bank offers completely FREE deposits at any of its branches and agents all over Kenya, and you will also receive inquiries SMS from Family Bank for free if you inquired.

In this article, we have listed the amount of money you will be charged by FAMILY BANK per transaction or service done.

In a nutshell, some of the transactions that will cost you a few shilling when successful done by Family Bank includide:

Withdrawal charges

Balance inquiry charges on ATM or Family Bank agents

Over the counter withdrawal charges and other services.

When doing transactions on Family Bank, here are the fees you will be billed for the proceeded transaction or a service.

Below are the transaction costs of transactions done with Family Bank Kenya in Shillings.

Transaction Charges For Family Bank:

  • SMS notifications

Charges: Free

  • Cheque Book Request

Charges: Free

  • Block Card

Charges: Free

  • Loan Request

Charges: Free

  • Cash Deposit at Family Bank ATMs

Charges: Free

  • Point of Sale (POS) payment

Charges: Free

  • Dormant Account Charge

Charges: Free

  • Reactivate Dormant Account

Charges: Free

  • Cash withdrawal Over the counter

Charges: Ksh.100

  • Minimum Operating Balance

Charges: Ksh.100

  • Balance Inquiry

Charges: Ksh.10

  • Full Statement

Charges: Ksh.30

  • Mini Statement

Charges: Ksh.10

  • Change M-Pin

Charges: Ksh.20

  • Family Bank Account to MPESA

Charges: Ksh.80

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  • Internal Funds Transfer

Charges: Ksh.30

  • Interim Statement (per page)

Charges: Ksh.100

  • Certified Bank Statement (per page)

Charges: Ksh.500

  • Statement of a Closed Account

Charges: Ksh.2000

  • Account Closure

Charges: Ksh.1000

  • Coin Deposit Handling 100 for every Ksh.1,000;
    2% for amounts above Ksh. 5,000
  • Visa Debit Card Issuance

Charges: Ksh.500

  • Visa Debit Cash Withdrawal at Family Bank ATMs

Charges: Ksh.30

  • Visa Debit Balance Enquiry at Family Bank ATMs

Charges: Ksh.10

  • Cash Withdrawal from Pesa Point ATMs

Charges: Ksh.80

  • Card Replacement

Charges: Ksh.500

  • MPESA to Family Bank Account Deposits

Charges: Ksh.35

Family Bank has strived to ensure that their clients have the best services available without over charging for the great services offered by them.

As you can see, from the transaction charges provided above, Family Bank is better compared to other Banks in Kenya when it comes to transaction charges. With actually most of the transactions and services being free of charge.

Did you know that you can recharge your Family Bank Account with M-Pesa?.

Family Bank has made it easy for their customers to be able to deposit money into their bank account using M-Pesa.

Here is how to do it.

To deposit money from your M-Pesa account to your Family Bank Account, use the Paybill number: 222111

Family Bank Contacts And Customer Care Number:

Contact By Location:

Family Bank Limited

Physical Address: Family Bank Towers, Muindi Mbingu Street,

Adress: P.O Box 74145-00200,
Nairobi, Kenya

Contact By Phone:

+254 (0) 20 3252 000

+254 (0) 703 095 000

+254 (0) 20 2240601

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+254 (0) 20 2244166

+254 (0) 703 095 445

+254 (0) 20 3252 445

+254 (0) 705 325 325

Email Address:

[email protected]

[email protected]


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