80+ Best Firbolg Names and Their Meanings (Funny & Unique) 2023

Firbolg names ideas

Here is a collection of the best, funny, cute, Unique and new Firbolg names with meanings for your Dungeons and Dragons characters today.

As you might know by now as a fan of these creatures, Firbolgs are semi-giants and are derived from Irish mythology, Firbolgs average between 7 and 8 feet tall and can weigh between 240 and 300 pounds.

Firbolgs are covered in thick fur, ranging from earthy colors like brown and ruddy red, to cool grays and blues.

They are peaceful creatures, similar to Halflings and naming them should come from this consideration.

If you are looking for the perfect name to name your female or male Firbolg then this collection of more than 80 Firbolg names and nicknames would be of great help.

Firbolg Names with Their Meanings:

Bres: This name means beautiful or handsome.

Tethra: This name means lord or ruler.

Fintan: This name means white fire or bright fire.

Torin Ironbark: A strong and resilient Firbolg warrior known for his unyielding defence and unwavering loyalty.

Elara Swiftwind: An agile and swift-footed Firbolg scout renowned for her exceptional speed and stealth.

Balor: This name means one-eyed. Balor was a giant who was half-Firbolg and half-Fomorian in Irish mythology.

Eochaid: This name means horseman or horse rider.

Dáire: This name means fruitful or fertile. It was a popular name among the Firbolgs, with several Firbolg kings named Dáire.

Aoife: Means joyful.

Aine: Brilliantly radiant.

Aoibheann: The name suggests the most beautiful lady in the Firbolg world.

Calbhach: Bold.

Donovan: Child of the unlucky one.

Donnacha: Brown hair warrior.

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Eoghan: Noble-born.

Cara: Best friend.

Catlee: Means pure.

Clodagh: Female Goddess.

Eabha: The first woman

Eilish: God’s gift. The surname of an American pop star, Billie Eilish.

Fiadh: One of the most excellent Firbolg DnD names from the forest and suggests the forest Goddess.

Fia: Firbolg name for the weaver of dreams.

Grainne: Grain.

Izzet: It is the Firbolg term for white or clear.

Kera: Dark hair.

Maeve: One who intoxicates.

Cethern: This name means battle. Cethern was a Firbolg warrior who fought in the Battle of Moytura.

Eochu/Eochy: This name means horse. Eochu was a popular name among the Firbolgs, and several Firbolg kings named Eochu.

Eoin: God is gracious.

Fathach: Giant.

Garran Earthshaker: A burly and powerful Firbolg miner known for his expertise in excavating precious ores and gems.

Bryn Wintergale: A stoic and resilient Firbolg ranger, adept at surviving in harsh, wintry environments and tracking elusive prey.

Sylas Thundersong: A melodious Firbolg bard whose enchanting music captivates audiences.

Rowan Brightmane: A charismatic and charismatic Firbolg diplomat skilled in negotiation and forging alliances between disparate groups.

Garrick Stonehammer: A masterful Firbolg blacksmith renowned for crafting weapons and armour.

Lorna Brightleaf: A gentle and wise Firbolg druid known for her deep connection with nature and ability to heal the wounded.

Thoran Stormcaller: A mighty Firbolg shaman with command over the elements, capable of summoning thunderstorms and wielding lightning.

Freya Moonshadow: A mysterious and enigmatic Firbolg sorceress, adept in the arcane arts and manipulating shadows.

Bran Oakthorn: A wise and venerable Firbolg elder, revered for his vast knowledge and sage-like counsel.

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Elysia Swiftwater: A graceful and elegant Firbolg dancer celebrated for her mesmerizing performances and fluid movements.

Funny Firbolg Names:

Feirah the Reckless: This character rose up to protect her village from attack but found that she enjoyed battle far more than she ever enjoyed communing with nature. She seeks danger and throws herself at it with reckless abandon.

Lutamel Dragonslayer: This character chose a fearsome name to inspire respect.

Linnea Starfire: A radiant and ethereal Firbolg celestial, attuned to the movements of the stars and harnessing their cosmic power.

Oren Thunderhoof: A fearsome and imposing Firbolg warrior, known for his thunderous battle cries and unmatched strength on the battlefield.

Zibella the Unwise: This character holds true to all of the traits of her race, too much, some might say.

Lava Leap: This Firbolg possesses a fiery disposition and is fearless, resembling the dynamic force of magma.

Swamp Murmur: This Firbolg may feel at home in swamps as he understands their mysteries.

Cactus Prickle: This name denotes a resilient Firbolg who is not to be underestimated, like a cactus.

Dune Sift: This Firbolg might be a wanderer or nomad, sifting through existence like sand through the fingers.

Rhydian Greenleaf: A skilled and resourceful Firbolg herbalist, well-versed in the medicinal properties of plants and herbs.

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