35+ Best Ghost Pick Up Lines

Ghost pick up lines

Are you looking for scary and funny ghost pick up lines?.

In this article, you will find a list of more than 30 dirty, scary, and funny ghost pick up lines to flirt with today.

Without wasting any more time, let’s jump right into it.

Below are the best ghost pick up lines to use on your crush today.

Ghost Pick Up Lines:

Babe please… haunt me all night long.

I’ll let you under my sheets if you want to be part of my costumes.

You’ll be moaning tonight alongside ghost upstairs.

If I knew I’d get you here I’d have dressed like a ghost. You would have been under my sheets tonight.

Let’s have a roll in each other now that we both look like a sheet.

Do you have a little ghost in you? Would you like to?

You must love ghosts! You don’t have to buy a costume to look like an angel. 

I heard there’s a ghost on the loose you better stay with me tonight.

I hear this house is haunted. We better stick together.

Your costume looks great, but I bet it would look greater on my bedroom floor.

My friends are out of town so we have the haunted bedroom all to ourselves.

You’ve haunting my dreams all day long. You must be a ghost.

If only I had arms, I’d hug you.

I’d put boo and I together if I had the opportunity to rearrange cemetery.

I need that invisible touch tonight.

I’d go through anything to get you, including walls.

I wish to die so I can haunt you.

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I guess you are a freak in the sheets. That is, you are a ghost.

Do you want to make me your boooooo?.

Would you like my grave or yours tonight?

My ghost sweetheart, you are so boo-tiful.

Could it be that you are possessed by a ghost? Coz you are the only phenomenon I see.

Does your carpet match the sheets?

Would you like some spirits in you?

I can take you to another dimension if you believe in ghosts.

Can I be your boo?

I see you being my boo tonight.

I’m glad I see right through you to your soul. 

You must be ghost, because I can barely feel you through these sheets.

You are the most boo-tiful ghost have ever interacted with. 

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