How To Pay For Netflix Subscription Via M-Pesa

Netflix Kenya

Here is how to pay for your Netflix Subscription Package using MPESA.

Netflix has made it easy for their customers to be able to flexibly pay for their packages subscriptions.

The online streaming platform has gotten more popular in Kenya these days and more and more kenyan families are installing and enjoying what Netflix has to offer.

Netflix packages in Kenya have also been slightly reduced in prices to make Netflix affordable in the country.

The price or the amount of money you will pay for Netflix streaming services will depend on the Netflix Package you have subscribed to.

Netflix Kenya currently offers 3 amazing packages that you can choose from, namely;

Basic Package

Standard Package

Premium Package

All the 3 Netflix Kenya packages have different prices.

For instance the Basic Package will cost you around Ksh. 700 every month to enjoy every shows & movies in the package.

The Standard Package will cost you a bit more than the Basic Package which will be Ksh. 900/monthly while the Premium Package will cost you Ksh. 1200 per month

With that being said, below is exactly how to pay for Netflix through Mobile Money, M-Pesa.

How To Pay For Netflix Using M-Pesa:

To pay for Netflix via M-Pesa easily, follow the easy guide below and you will successfully recharge your Netflix account in no time.

Please Note: Netflix Kenya has no Paybill Number, which means that it is currently impossible to pay for Netflix directly via M-Pesa.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t pay for your Netflix subscription through M-Pesa.

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Follow the easy guide below to pay for Netflix using M-Pesa today.

  • Open a PayPal account, or sign in to your PayPal account if you have one already

(It’s Free To Open A PayPal Kenya Account)

If you need a step by step assistance on how to open a PayPal Kenya account for FREE and link the account with your MPESA Account, click on this LINK.

  • After creating a PayPal account and connecting it with your MPESA, you can easily transfer money from MPESA to PayPal directly through the PayPal Paybill Number 8000880.
  • Now deposit money into your PayPal account via MPESA.

(use the Paybill Number 800088)

  • Login to your Netflix account or create one for free if you don’t have one yet
  • Once you have logged in your Netflix account, simply select your payment method as “Pay with PayPal”.

This means you will be paying your Netflix subscription via PayPal which you recharge using M-Pesa.

(you can always choose a different payment method any time you want).

You can now successfully pay any of your Netflix subscription via M-Pesa through the PayPal method.

That’s how you pay Netflix via M-Pesa.

If you find the instructions above on how to pay for Netflix through M-Pesa kinda hard to understand, don’t worry.

Bookmark this post as we are going to update it immediately Netflix Kenya finally releases its own Paybill Number to make Direct Payments on Netflix via M-Pesa.

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