How To Post Your Movie on Netflix in Kenya

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Breaking into the competitive world of film distribution can be a daunting task, but getting your movie on Netflix can catapult your work to a global audience, including viewers in Kenya.

Netflix, known for its diverse and high-quality content, provides a platform for filmmakers to showcase their talents to millions of subscribers worldwide. This guide will walk you through the essential steps to prepare, pitch, and ultimately post your movie on Netflix.

From creating a high-quality film to securing distribution rights, finding the right aggregator, and navigating the negotiation process, we’ll cover everything you need to know to get your movie on Netflix and reach a broader audience.

How To Upload Movie, Shows and Series on Netflix in Kenya:

1. Create High-Quality Content

Ensure your movie meets high production standards. Netflix is known for its quality content, so your film should have excellent production values, compelling storytelling, and professional editing.

2. Secure Distribution Rights

Make sure you hold the necessary rights to distribute your film. This includes ensuring you have cleared all music rights, talent agreements, and location permits.

3. Develop a Pitch Package

Prepare a comprehensive pitch package that includes a synopsis, cast and crew details, budget, and a trailer or screener. Highlight what makes your film unique and why it would appeal to Netflix’s audience.

4. Find an Aggregator or Distributor

Netflix often works with aggregators or distributors who have established relationships with them. Aggregators like Filmhub or distributors can help package and pitch your film to Netflix.

5. Submit Through an Aggregator

If you choose to go through an aggregator, you will need to submit your film to them. They will review your submission, and if they believe it fits, they will pitch it to Netflix on your behalf.

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6. Direct Contact

Alternatively, you can try to contact Netflix directly through their “Netflix Media Center” or by reaching out to Netflix’s content acquisition team via their website or LinkedIn. However, this method is less common and may not be as effective without an intermediary.

7. Prepare for Negotiation

If Netflix shows interest in your film, be prepared to negotiate terms. This includes the type of licensing agreement, the regions where your film will be available, and the financial aspects of the deal.

8. Deliver Your Film

Once a deal is reached, you will need to deliver your film in the required technical specifications. Netflix has specific guidelines for video and audio quality, subtitles, and metadata.

9. Promotion and Marketing

After your film is accepted, Netflix will handle the promotion on their platform, but you should also be prepared to promote your film through your channels and media to drive viewership.

10. Comply with Netflix’s Standards

Ensure you comply with all of Netflix’s legal and technical requirements throughout the process to avoid any issues with your film’s release.

Getting your movie on Netflix is an exciting and challenging journey that can open doors to a vast audience, including viewers in other countries apart from Kenya.

By following these steps—creating high-quality content, securing distribution rights, developing a strong pitch, and finding the right aggregator—you can increase your chances of success.

Remember, persistence and preparation are key. Good luck, and I hope to see your film streaming on Netflix soon!

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