How To Register And Place Bets on SportyBet Kenya via SMS

SportyBet Kenya

SportyBet Kenya has become a common betting platform in Kenya this year, it has gained a lot of attention from Kenyans all over.

With SportyBet, you can either place your bet through their website or you can place your bet through text message.

On this article, we will cover on how you can register an account at SportyBet Kenya and start betting via SMS. It’s easy.

SportyBet is not only operating in Kenya but it also has operations in
Nigeria, it is a legitimate betting site in Kenya that pays all their winners in time.

Below are 3 ways on how to register on SportyBet Kenya.

How to register on SportyBet online via their website:

To register via the SportyBet website, simply visit the SportyBet website here: 

Once on the site,
select the register tab on the website. You will see a section of registration asking you to fill out the required information such as your phone number, password and username.

After you’re done filling out the application, your SportyBet account will be created and you will be able to place bests immediately

How to register on SportyBet via SMS

To register an account on SportyBet through SMS, simply send the word ‘signup’, or ‘new’ to the number: 29123. 

After sending, a unique username and pin will be sent to you in a couple of minutes.

The password and pin you receive will be your details. You will use these details to login to your SportyBet account using their website (see above).

You can also register an account on SportyBet through referral or invitation.

Here is how to do just that

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How to register a SportyBet account via referral/invitation:

To register a friend via referral simply SMS the referree’s phone number preceded by R# to 29123.

You should receive a message from SportyBet with the username and pin.

One can change the password and username any time in the SportyBet website.

How to Place Bets on SportyBaet via SMS:

  • Single bet (GG/NG)

To place a single bet on (Goal Goal and No Goal ). SMS the Game ID, your prediction and 
stake to 29123.

ie: GG or NG and stake. 

As usual, SportyBet will send you an SMS with the potential win amount.

  • Single bet (3 way)

To place a single bet, SMS the Game’s ID, your final results prediction and the stake to 29123 with # preceding the prediction. ie: 1 and stake

You will receive a text message from SportyBet with the potential win you will receive if the prediction matches.

  • Single bet (O/U)

To place a single bet (over or under) SMS the Game ID, predictions and stake to 29123. with # preceding the prediction.

ie: Game ID#O2.5 or U1.5 
and stake.

You will receive a confirmation message from the betting program.

  • Multi bet

To place a multi bet on SportyBet simply SMS the Game
ID, predictions followed by the stake to 29123.

ie: Game ID#prediction#Game ID#prediction#Game ID#prediction#stake. 

SportyBet will send you a text message with your potential winning amount.


For a multi bet, SportyBet only allows a maximum of 14

– Jackpot

To place a jackpot bet on SportyBet SMS JP# followed by your predictions (each prediction should be separate with an *) to 29123 .

Your jackpot bet will be placed and you will receive a text from the platform confirming the bet and the possible amount you can win.

SportyBet is registered and licensed betting company in Kenya, for more information contact the betting platform.

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