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How can I sell my products through the Jumia Kenya Online Shopping Store?.

Here is an easy comprehensive guide on how you can be able to start selling your products on Jumia Online Mall and start making money from the biggest online store in Kenya.

Jumia Kenya which is Kenya’s Biggest e-commerce website (online store) has made it easy for any business person to be able to sell their products through the Online Store.

Jumia Kenya is used by over 4 Million Kenyan customers to shop online and get their orders delivered right at their doorsteps.

Especially after the pandemic hit the country back in early 2020, Online shopping has grown tremendously in the past few months and almost every Kenyan prefers to shop online nowadays.

Jumia is a trusted online retailer which means that your products will perform well when sold through the platform.

According to Jumia Kenya, 40% of their sellers (vendors) are making over Ksh. 50,000 per month.

With that said, below is how to sign up as a Jumia Kenya Vendor and start promoting and making sells through Jumia Kenya.

Before you can become a Jumia Vendor in Kenya and sell your products on Jumia, you are required to meet certain requirements so as to start selling on the platform.

Here are the requirements and qualifications all Jumia Kenya Vendors should meet to start selling products on Jumia.

Jumia Kenya Vendors Requirements:

To qualify as a Jumia Vendor in Kenya, you will be required to meet the following requirements;

You must be a vendor operating within Nairobi area

Your business or store should at least have a good reputation or a customer rating of not less than 3 stars

Must agree to maintain price parity in every single product you sell on Jumia

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You must agree to grant Jumia Kenya access to your products, this is in form of branding products, trademarks among others for the purposes of promotion only

You should only sell genuine, New (not secondhand) and high quality products. No vendors selling fake, used or low quality products will be accepted

You should be at least 18 years of age or above

A vendor is expected to Invest in Jumia products campaigns or carry campaigns to promote your products

Jumia Vendors should maintain a quality return rate of less than 2%

Where applicable, you should ensure all the necessary original products sold come with a warranty

Vendors should be ready for business, which means you should have a ready to ship policy within 24 hours

Products Sold By Jumia Kenya Vendors:

What Products Can Vendors Sell on Jumia?

Listed in their respective Jumia Products Categories, below is a list of various products that vendors are allowed to sell through Jumia Kenya Online Store;

Electronics (television, projectors, cameras, sound systems, etc.)

Phone & Tablets (mobile phones, tablets, and accessories)

Computing (laptops, printers, scanners, software, networking services, etc.)

Health & Beauty (hair care, fragrances, makeups, etc.)

Home & Office (cookware, appliances, furniture, bedding, etc.)

Grocery (laundry, cooking, toiletries, beverages, etc.)

Fashion (wearable, jewelry, watches, etc.)

Baby Products (toys, apparel, diapering, etc.)

Automobile (car & motorcycle accessories, safety equipment, etc.)

Sporting Goods (sport & fitness, cycling, camping, etc.)

Gaming (play station, video games, etc.)

Other Categories ( livestock, musical, gardening, movies, etc.)

Now that you know what is basically required for you to become a Jumia Vendor, and start selling products on the online market.

Here is how to register and apply to become a Jumia Kenya Vendor to start making more money and profits by selling your products online.

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How To Register as a Jumia Kenya Vendor and Start Selling your Products on Online:

Jumia Kenya Vendors Application Process;

  • Log in to the Jumia Market Place Website
  • Once logged in, Hover over to Make Money with Jumia and Select the ‘Sell on Jumia’ button
  • You will be required to fill out all the required information to register as a vendor.

This information include;

Your Full Name

A Preferred Jumia Store Name

Your Business Entity

Your Country’s Name (Kenya)

Your Email Address


City & Postal Code

Product Information

Business Information and Your Bank Account

Fill the application accurately and after you have filled out all the required fields in the application, you can go ahead and submit the online application of becoming a Vendor.

After submitting the application, Jumia Kenya Representatives will get back to you in a couple of days if not hours, once your application has been approved.

Once accepted into the Jumia Kenya Vendors Program, you are now one step away from making money as an official Jumia Vendor.

Before you can start selling your products on Jumia after being accepted in the Jumia Vendors, you are required to partake in an online course made by Jumia.

Jumia University:

This course is highly recommended because you are going to learn how to make more profits from selling online.

The course will teach you how the Kenyan online market (Kenyan e-commerce) works and how the general market in Kenya operates to make nothing but profits.

You will learn a lot of valuable information from the online course absolutely FREE of charge, just by being accepted as a Jumia Vendor.

Once done with the online course. You will be issued an Online Seller Account by Jumia.

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The seller account will be created by Jumia Kenya for you to use as your online store on the platform.

The seller account is where you will be selling your product on Jumia and tracking everything.

Once your Seller Account on Jumia is activated, it’s time to Start Selling On Jumia Kenya, and reach millions of Kenyans.

Jumia Kenya representatives will contact you and explain everything you need to know, to start placing your products on your Jumia Kenya Store (seller account) to be ready for orders.

After learning everything, you can now singlehandedly start placing any new products you have on your Jumia Seller Account (your Store) and start selling online.

On your Jumia Store (seller account) is where you will be able track all your orders, prices, earnings and also manage your products.

Jumia Kenya Commissions from Sold Products:

As you might know, Jumia deducts its share as commission from sold products through their online store.

That is how Jumia Kenya makes its profit, through the commissions from the vendors.

In general, Jumia deducts a commission of nothing more that 15%, depending on the product sold.

The commission deducted can go as low as 4%, it all depends on the item that was ordered and successfully sold.

The money you have made as a Vendor in Jumia will be paid to you however you want it, you can choose to receive your money on a monthly basis or a weekly basis, it’s all up to you. .

The payment will be done through your preferred payment method, either via Check/Cheque or through Electronic Funds Transfer (Bank Account).

That’s how to become a Jumia Vendor in Kenya, and reach a wider audience and potential customers in Kenya.

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