Kirinyaga University Certificate Courses [Full List]

Certificate Courses -

Kirinyaga University Certificate Courses [Full List]

Kiringaga University list of certificate courses offered at the institution. If you want to pursue a certificate course at Kirinyaga University, below is the list of all Certificate courses currently offered at the Kirinyaga University.

Kirinyaga University Vision

To be a world class university in training, research, technology and innovation for development.

Kirinyaga University Mission

To train and develop world class human resource equipped with innovative technology and skills to meet the demands of a dynamic world.

Below is complete list of the Certificate Courses that is currently offered at the Kirinyaga University.

The list of certificate courses below is meant to help you view the complete list of certificate courses offered at Kirinyaga University and be able to chose the best certificate course that works for you.

Here are Certificate Courses offered by this institution that you can select, the one that matches your desire and pursue it at the Kirinyaga University

Kiringaga University Certificate Courses:

Certificate in Interior Design and Decoration(Interior Design and Decoration)  

Proficiency Certificate in Governance and Administration for Public Officers( Governance and Administration)  

Proficiency Certificate in Supervisory Skills(Supervisory Skills)  

Proficiency Certificate in Management for Effective Service Delivery(Management for Effective Service Delivery)  

Certificate in Basic Cookery and Housekeeping Operations()  

Certificate in Leadership Management(Leadership Management)  

Proficiency Certificate in Leadership and Management(Leadership and Management) 

Advanced Certificate in Business Management(Business Management)  

Advanced Certificate in Human Resources Management(Human Resources Management)  

Certificate in Plumbing & Pipe Fitting(Plumbing & Pipe Fitting)  

Certificate in Fashion Design(Fashion Design)  

Apparel Accessories(Apparel Accessories)  

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Certificate in Building and Construction(Building and Construction)  

Certificate in Public Relations(Public Relations)  

Certificate in Entrepreneurship(Entrepreneurship)  

Total Quality Management in Clinical Laboratories

Certificate in Fashion Design and Textile Technology(Fashion Design and Textile Technology)  

Certificate in Information Technology(Information Technology)  

Certificate in Catering and Accommodation(Catering and Accommodation)  

Certificate in Architecture(Architecture)  

Certificate in Automotive Engineering(Automotive Engineering)  

Waiters Proficiency Course(Waiters Proficiency)  

Basic Cooking Techniques(Cooking)  

Certificate in Architectural Studies(Architectural Studies)  

Certificate in Electrical Engineering Technology(Electrical Engineering)  

Certificate in Business Management and Administration(Business Management)  

Certificate in Human Resource Management(Human Resource Management)  

Certificate in Building Construction(Building Construction)  

Craft Certificate in Food and Beverage Production Sales and Management ()  

Bridging in mathematics(Mathematics)  

Molecular Diagnostics(Molecular Diagnostics)  

Cisco IT Essentials(CISCO)  

Computer Based Information Security()  

Craft Certificate in Automotive Engineering(Automotive Engineering)  

Cisco Certified Network Associate 2(CCNA 2)  

Certificate in Business Information Technology(BIT)

For more information about the institution and courses offered, contact the institution’s management through their official website: Kirinyaga University contact information below:

Kirinyaga University
P.O Box 143 – 10300

 Location: Kerugoya

 Telephone Number: +254 0709 742000

 Email Address: [email protected]

 University Website:

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