Top 20 Least Religious States In USA 2022

Most non religious states in America

What’s America’s least religious states?.

From the 50 states in America today, these are the top 20 states that are the leading states when it comes to not being religious at all.

America has quite a large number of religious citizens but it also has a lot of non-religious individuals in the country.

Most of the non-religious Americans live or come from these states, that’s why they rank as the most least religious American states.

With that being said, if you have ever wondered which state is the most non religious.

Below are the top 20 most non eligious states in the US today ranked by how least religious they are as of this year.

Currently in America, the state of New Hampshire and Massachusetts are the most non religious states.

America’s Most Non Religious States:

  1. New Hampshire (33.00%)
  2. Massachusetts (33.00%)
  3. Vermont (34.00%)
  4. Maine (34.00%)
  5. Connecticut (43.00%)
  6. Wisconsin (45.00%)
  7. Washington (45.00%)
  8. Alaska (45.00%)
  9. New York (46.00%)
  10. Hawaii (47.00%)
  11. Colorado (47.00%)
  12. Oregon (48.00%)
  13. Montana (48.00%)
  14. Rhode Island (49.00%)
  15. Nevada (49.00%)
  16. Minnesota (49.00%)
  17. California (49.00%)
  18. Illinois (51.00%)
  19. Idaho (51.00%)
  20. Delaware (52.00%)
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