Mike Sonko Flaunts Over Ksh. 30 Million Cash In A Video To Prove A Point

Mike Sonko flaunting millions videos

In a video that is currently trending in Kenya, this is why Mike Sonko is trending on twitter.

Sonko is seen recording and unpacking wads of Dollars and Kenyan money in millions saying that “Hii ni Pocket Money”.

Mike Sonko in the video decided to show Kenyans how wealthy he is in cash only and this was to allegedly prove a point to his brother in law in a family disagreement.

To prove that he was rich, Mike Sonko opened suitcases and started unleashing the dollars of unknown value amounting to millions.

Sonko stated that the money was for him to have fun with his wives, not to take care of over 18 year old kids.

Below is the video of former Nairobi governor Mike Sonko flaunting wads of dollars and Kenyan notes that has astonished many Kenyans on social media.

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