Top 50 Most Dangerous Cities In The World and Their Countries 2022

Most dangerous cities in the world

What’s the most dangerous city in the world today?.

First things first, no matter where you go today in the world or which city you decide to visit, there is always a potential for anything to happen (danger).

But mostly the probability of any kind of danger occurring is usually very/extremely low.

But also, not in all the cities of the world, and today you are going to find out which cities and from which countries are the world’s most dangerous cities.

Cities with the highest homicide rates in the world, here is the list of all the top ranked cities and its countries that are currently leading in the highest crime rates.

The violent crimes in these cities are the highest compared to any other city in the world today.

To come up with this list of the most dangerous cities to live in as of this year.

Crime rates are expressed as the number of incidents per 100,000 people living in the city.

Out of all the cities globally, these cities listed below are the top most unsafe places in the world.

If you are thinking of moving to a different country/city this year, so you are gathering information about the city/country or you are just curious about the most dangerous cities of the world, then you are in the right place.

Below is the list of the most dangerous cities on earth and each city’s country.

Most Dangerous Cities In The World:

  1. Tijuana – Mexico
  2. Acapulco – Mexico
  3. Caracas – Venezuela
  4. Ciudad Victoria – Mexico
  5. Ciudad Juárez – Mexico
  6. Irapuato – Mexico
  7. Ciudad Guayana – Venezuela
  8. Natal – Brazil
  9. Fortaleza – Brazil
  10. Ciudad Bolívar – Venezuela
  11. Cape Town – South Africa
  12. Belém – Brazil
  13. Cancún – Mexico
  14. Feira de Santana – Brazil
  15. St. Louis – United States
  16. Culiacán – Mexico
  17. Barquisimeto – Venezuela
  18. Uruapan – Mexico
  19. Kingston – Jamaica
  20. Ciudad Obregón – Mexico
  21. Maceió – Brazil
  22. Vitória da – Conquista Brazil
  23. Baltimore – United States
  24. San Salvador – El Salvador
  25. Aracaju – Brazil
  26. Coatzacoalcos – Mexico
  27. Palmira – Colombia
  28. Maturin – Venezuela
  29. Salvador – Brazil
  30. Macapá Brazil
  31. Cali – Colombia
  32. Celaya – Mexico
  33. San Pedro Sula – Honduras
  34. Ensenada – Mexico
  35. Campos dos Goytacazes – Brazil
  36. Tepic – Mexico
  37. Manaus – Brazil
  38. Recife – Brazil
  39. Guatemala City – Guatemala
  40. Distrito Central – Honduras
  41. San Juan – Puerto Rico
  42. Valencia – Venezuela
  43. Reynosa – Mexico
  44. João Pessoa – Brazil
  45. Nelson Mandela Bay – South Africa
  46. Detroit – United States
  47. Durban – South Africa
  48. Teresia – Brazil
  49. Chihuahua – Mexico
  50. New Orleans – United States
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As you can see from our list above, Mexico is the leading country with the world’s most dangerous cities today, followed by Brazil.

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