Top 20 Richest Companies In North Africa 2023

Richest Companies In North Africa

What’s the richest company in North Africa today?.

From both private companies in North Africa to public companies in the North African region.

These are the top 20 North African richest companies today ranked from the wealthiest company in North Africa to the 20th most wealthy company.

Today the biggest and richest North African companies are actually among the most popular companies in Africa and some of these companies are ranked as the top most valuable companies in the continent of Africa.

With that being said, with the help of North African Countries marketing industry experts and Kenyan Magazine research.

Including large company owners and shareholders in North Africa.

We have been able to list down the top most richest and most valuable companies in the region of North Africa and its territory.

In North Africa today, Maroc Telecom is currently the richest company in the region leading by market cap closely followed by Attijariwafa Bank.

With that being said, below are the top 20 most wealthy North African companies.

Wealthiest Companies In North Africa By Market Cap:

  1. Maroc Telecom – $12 billion
  2. Attijariwafa Bank- $7 billion
  3. Commercial International Bank – $6.1 billion
  4. Banque Centrale Populaire – $4.07 billion
  5. LafargeHolcim Maroc – $2.81 billion
  6. Qatar National Bank Alahly – $2.47 billion
  7. Vodafone Egypt – $2.39 billion
  8. Orange Egypt – $2.00 billion
  9. Taqa Morocco – $1.96 billion
  10. Eastern Tobacco – $1.79 billion
  11. Ciments du Maroc – $1.69 billion
  12. Cosumar – $1.57 billion
  13. Elswedy Electric – $1.24 billion
  14. Abou Kir Fertilizers & Chemicals – $1.23 billion
  15. SFBT – $1.20 billion
  16. Afriquia Gaz – $1.17 billion
  17. Wafa Assurance – $1.15 billion
  18. Marsa Maroc – $1.12 billion
  19. Telecom Egypt – $1.09 billion
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  1. Egypt Kuwait Holdingxzldawoyoe – $988 million
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