Richest Female Footballers In Nigeria and Their Net Worth (2022 List)

Richest Female Footballers In Nigeria

Who is the richest female football player in Nigeria?.

Here is the list of the wealthiest female soccer players in Nigeria as of this year with respect to their Net Worth.

Footballers make a lot of money, there’s absolutely no doubt about it, and even though women football is not as huge as men football.

There are still African female football players who have made themselves millionaires from playing football and proved everyone wrong.

In this article, we have listed all the top highest paid and the richest Nigerian female Footballers in the country as of this year, including their current estimated net worth.

Below are the richest female soccer players in Nigeria today.

Richest Female Footballers In Nigeria:

1. Asisat Lamina Oshoala

The richest female Footballer in Nigeria is none other than Lamina Oshoala.

Born 1994 on the 9th of October, she is currently the wealthiest Nigerian woman soccer player.

She has played for big teams such as F.C Barcelona Femini, F.C. Robo, River Angel, Liverpool ladies, and Arsenal ladies.

Asisat Lamina Oshoala Net Worth: 3.4 Million Dollars (estimate)

2. Francisca Ordega

Nigeria’s second wealthiest woman football player is Francisca Ordega.

She was born on October 19, 1993, she is a professional football player who is actually one of the best female footballers in the country today.

Francisca Ordega Net Worth: $2.5 Million (estimate)

3. Uchenna Kanu

With an estimated net worth of over 1 million united states dollars, Uchenna Kanu is currently Nigeria’s third wealthiest footballer in the women’s football.

Uchenna was born on June 20th, 1997.

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Uchenna Kanu Net Worth: 1.7 Million Dollars (estimate)

4. Charity Adule

Professional Nigerian female football player Charity Adule is the fourth wealthiest player in the country as of this year.

Charity Adule who is among the best and most talented female footballers in Nigeria is one of the richest footballers in Nigeria.

Charity Adule Net Worth: $1.3 Million (estimate)

5. Onome Ebi

Another wealthy Nigeria female football player is Onome Ebi.

Ebi actually became the first African footballer to play in five different FIFA World Cup back in 2019.

Onome Ebi Net Worth: $980,000 (estimate)

In Nigeria, these are the wealthiest females football players in the game.

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