List Of Richest Kids In Nigeria and Their Net Worth 2022

Richest kids in Nigeria

Who is currently the richest child in Nigeria?.

Here is the list of the youngest kids in Nigeria today who have a net worth of millions.

These Nigerian kids are richer than most famous artists in Nigeria and when it comes to all the children in Nigeria today, these are the top wealthiest Nigerian young children as of this year.

Most people think that one has to be older to be or get rich, but these Nigerian kids are in the country to prove that statement wrong.

These are the wealthiest kids in Nigeria who have accumulated wealth at a very young and tender age.

In this generation, almost every single person can become wealthy and supper rich.

Here is the list of this generation’s richest kids in the country of Nigeria.

With that being said, and with respect to each kid’s net worth, below are the wealthiest Nigerian kids today.

Richest Kids In Nigeria:

  1. Mompha Junior – ₦520 million
  2. Ahmed StarBoy – ₦70 million
  3. Emmanuella Samuel – ₦65 million
  4. DJ Young Money – ₦62 million
  5. Aunty Success – ₦32 million
  6. Amarachi Uyanne – ₦31 million
  7. Ozzy Bosco – ₦25 million
  8. Egypt Ify Ufele – ₦18.9 million
  9. Destiny Boy – ₦18 million
  10. Marylove Edwards – ₦16.7 million
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