ShowMax Packages And Their Prices in Kenya 2023

ShowMax Kenya

The new ShowMax Kenya subscription packages and prices are here.

This year, Showmax Kenya has reduced its prices for almost every subscription package available at the moment.

This means more ShowMax latest Movies, Shows, TV dramas, Series, and Kids show in Kenya, all at an affordable price.

Unlike other Showmax competitors, Showmax Kenya is focused on offering Kenyans the best entertainment all at an affordable price for anyone who wants to use Showmax.

With that in mind, ShowMax has provided 4 plans that one can choose from.

These plans include:

  • Showmax Mobile
  • Showmax Standard
  • Showmax Mobile Pro
  • Showmax PRO

The best thing about Showmax Kenya is that you will get 8 weeks extra watch time, by subscribing to any of the new packages (plans) mentioned above.

The entertainment in Showmax is literally endless, you will get access to unlimited content from TV Series, Movies, Blockbusters, and all your favorite shows.

As a matter of fact, Showmax has reduced its packaging price to about 80% off.

For instance, back in the days, Showmax Kenya used to charge Ksh. 1,150 for the Showmax Mobile Package plan, but now, Showmax will only charge you Ksh. 380 for the same package plan with no dedicated content.

The same plan with all the content in it at a reduced price.

Other reduced Showmax packages include Showmax Standard package plan which was going for Ksh. 2,280 in Kenya, but this year you can buy the same package at only Ksh.760.

The Showmax Mobile Pro used to be around Ksh. 6,000 in the past, but Showmax has reduced its price down to Ksh. 1,050 for all Kenyans.

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That’s a very huge discount which every Showmax user can enjoy forever.

With that being said, let’s now take a look at the new Showmax Kenya Packages and all their respective prices.

Here is how much Showmax charges per plan (package) in Kenya this year.

ShowMax Kenya Packages And Their Prices:

  1. Showmax Mobile

Price: Ksh. 380

  1. Showmax Standard

Price: Ksh. 760

  1. Showmax Mobile Pro

Price: Ksh. 1,050

  1. Showmax PRO

Price: Ksh. 2,100

As you can see from the above Showmax Packaging Plans and their prices, the new Showmax prices this year is really affordable compared to how it used to be earlier.

By buying any of the above Showmax Kenya discounted packages in Kenya, you are assured of great and quality entertainment daily.

These ranges from TV Shows, Movies, Music Videos, Kids shows, (Trace), Series, Blockbusters, and all your favorite content you like to stream online.

Showmax Kenya Payment Method:

If you are using Showmax Kenya, you can pay for your subscription through M-Pesa, Bank (credit card or debit card) or using PayPal.

In Kenya, M-pesa is definitely the easiest way to make payments, you can pay for Showmax packages using M-pesa at anytime, anywhere you are.

Showmax is also known for supporting Kenyan movies and series which means that they mean business when it comes to entertaining Kenyans.

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