Slow Internet Speeds Hit East Africa After Sub-Sea Fibre Cut

Slow internet in Kenya and East Africa

On Sunday, people in East Africa found themselves dealing with frustratingly slow internet connections because of a major issue with an undersea cable.

This cable is like a big pipe that carries internet signals between countries.

When it got cut, it caused problems for lots of internet companies not just in East Africa, but also in South Africa.

One of the big companies hit by this problem was Safaricom. Their Wi-Fi and cell phone internet became really sluggish, which made it hard for their customers to do things online.

Many people took to social media to complain about how slow everything was.

The companies responsible for providing internet services said they were working hard to fix the problem. But even though they were trying their best, many users still had trouble getting online.

This situation highlights just how important it is for us to have reliable internet connections, especially since so many aspects of our lives depend on being able to access the internet smoothly.

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