Top 10 States With The Lowest Income Taxes In USA 2022

States with the lowest income tax

Which American states have the lowest income taxes as of this year?.

Here is the list of the top 10 states in the US that have no income taxes whatsoever.

If you are thinking of moving to a state that has zero income tax in America, then you landed on the right article today.

By income tax percentage in the United States of America, these ten USA states do not have any income tax.

With that being said, listed in no particular order, below are the states that have little to no income taxes.

USA States With No Income Tax:

  1. Wyoming (Income Tax – 0.00%)
  2. Washington (Income Tax – 0.00%)
  3. Texas (Income Tax – 0.00%)
  4. Tennessee (Income Tax – 0.00%)
  5. South Dakota (Income Tax – 0.00%)
  6. New Hampshire (Income Tax – 0.00%)
  7. Nevada (Income Tax – 0.00%)
  8. Florida (Income Tax – 0.00%)
  9. Alaska (Income Tax – 0.00%)
  10. North Dakota (Income Tax – 2.90%)
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