Swvl Kenya: How To Book A Ride On Swvl, Prices, Routes And Contacts

Swvl Kenya Buss

By the time you are done reading this article, you will be able to know how to book your ride on Swvl Kenya busses, know the prices of the trips, you will also be able to veiw the entire list of routes used by Swvl Kenya on various locations across the country, that’s not all, we have also included Swvl Kenya Contact information.

Swvl Kenya offers a FIXED price for every traveler who uses their busses for transportation in Kenya. No matter the time, weather, number of passengers or destination, when you use Swvl to travel around Kenya, you are going to pay the same fixed price for your trips, the fare does not change for whatever reason.

This is very different compared to local transportation busses and Matatus in Kenya where the fare (transportation fee) will change drastically depending on the time, weather, destination or will even change for no good reason.

This means if you have a budget for your fare and you don’t want to spend more money, then you are way better off using Swvl Kenya to move around the country than the regular means of transportation in Kenya.

Other than that, Swvl Kenya offers unbelievably affordable transport for Kenyans. Whether you are traveling to your upcountry (Ushago) or just within Nairobi, Swvl got you covered on that.

Swvl Kenya is Re-inventing Public
Transportation in Kenya by offering Fixed bus stops, Fixed timings and Fixed prices.

Swvl Kenya makes it easy for people to commute from one place to another in more safer and organized manner.

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Swvl Kenya is available in: Kenya, Egypt and Pakistan. Providing technology-based alternative to public transportation, a smart solution that solves the transportation equation, leading to helping more commute for less, with ease and comfort.

Here is how to book your trip with Swvl busses in Kenya. They currently also offer long distance transportation.

Long distance transportation on Swvl Kenya offers commuters the chance to book, pay and travel to upto 12 upcountry destinations including Naivasha, Nakuru, Molo, Eldoret, Narok, Bomet, Kericho, Kisii, Kisumu, Nyeri, Nanyuki & Machakos.

Follow the following 4 easy steps to book your ride with Swvl in Kenya. It’s easy.

How to Swvl In Kenya?

How to request a ride on Swvl:

  1. You will need to download the official Swvl Mobile App.
  2. On the Swvl App, you will be asked to tell Swvl where you want to go.
  3. Select your time and route you preferably want to use for your commute.
  4. Confirm your details and Book your ride

Swvl Kenya Prices:

Swvl Kenya travel prices will be visible to you once you have selected your travel destination.

Swvl Kenya Prices in Kenya looks like:

Your location: Eastmatt Kitengela

Your destination: Kenyatta University CBD

Swvl Kenya Fare: Ksh.200

Swvl Kenya also offers Private Busses for anyone who needs a private transportation service in a buss, the Swvl Kenya private travel busses are perfect for families and friends traveling together. No one else will board the bus apart from the people who you have chosen (friends and family).

Swvl Kenya Routes in Kenya:

Use the image graph we have provided below to see all the routes Swvl Kenya uses to take all their commuters in their respective destinations.

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Swvl Kenya Routes For: Nairobi (CBD), Upper Hill, Westlands, Ruiru, Kikuyu, Ongata Rongai, Athi River, Uchumi, Eastlands, Karen, Tatu City, Eastern Bypass, Thika Road, Kayole Junction, The Junction Mall, Kileleshwa, Kiambu, Ndenderu and Nyayo Estate are all listed below.

Swvl Kenya Routes

Swvl Kenya Contacts:

If you want to contact Swvl Kenya, use the provided contact information below.

Swvl Kenya will get back to you quicker on their Twitter DM compared to the other social media networks they use.

Get in touch with Swvl Kenya

Twitter: @swvlkenya (recommended)

Facebook: @swvlke

Instagram: @swvlkenya

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