Top 10 Richest Footballers In Kenya 2022

Richest Footballers In Kenya

Who is the richest football player in Kenya?.

Here is the list of the most wealthy Kenyan footballers as of this year.

Kenyan Footballers who play internationally are among the top richest and most wealthy Kenyan football players.

As of this year, Cristiano Ronaldo is currently the richest footballer in the world, he has hold the title of the wealthiest soccer player in the world because of his $450 Million Net Worth, which is Ksh. 45 Billion in Kenya.

He is closely followed by Lionel Messi and Neymar.

Samuel Eto who has a Net Worth of $95 Million which is Ksh. 9.5 Billion is currently the richest footballer in Africa.

Here in Kenya, the richest footballer is none other than Victor Wanyama, for years he has hold the title of the wealthiest Kenyan Footballer.

There is no doubt that football players are among the highest paid sports players of all time.

Football is a Billion Dollar Industry and it has made legitimate millionaires who are recognized worldwide.

With that being said…

Below is the list of all the top wealthiest soccer players in Kenya this year.

Richest Footballers In Kenya:

1. Victor Wanyama

As mentioned earlier, the wealthiest soccer player in Kenya is Victor Wanyama.

The talented player has been named the richest in the game for a couple of years now and the way the player is dedicated in his career, that does not seem to be changing anytime soon.

2. Macdonald Mariga

The second richest football player in Kenya is Macdonald Mariga.

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Mariga who is actually one of the best footballers in Kenya and Africa at large, is Kenya’s 2nd wealthiest footballer.

3. Michael Olunga

Michael Olunga is Kenya’s third most wealthy football player in the country.

The hardworking and super talented player is among the best players Kenya has ever had.

4. Patrick Osiako

On the fourth place as the richest player in Kenya is Osiako, he is not only one of the wealthiest football players in the country but also one of Kenya’s most valuable players.

5. Jamal Mohammed

Jamal Mohammed is now on the fifth position when it comes to the wealthiest footballers in Kenya.

6. Arnold Origi

In Kenya this year, Arnold Origi is the sixth richest soccer player in the country and also among the best footballers in Kenya.

7. Lawrence Olum

Olum who is one of the most loved footballers in the country is currently ranking as the seventh wealthiest footballer in Kenya.

8. David Ochieng

Another valuable player in Kenya David Ochieng is at the 8th place when the richest soccer players in Kenya are ranked.

9. Ismael Athuman

Ismael Athuman is also one of the wealthiest footballers in the country and he is also among the most respected players in Kenya.

10. Ayube Timbe Masika

You can not talk about the richest football players in Kenya and forget to mention Ayube Timbe Masika.

He is currently the 10th most wealthy football player in Kenya.

As of this year, those are the richest football players in Kenya with respect to their Net Worths.

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This article is regularly updated to make sure the rankings of the wealthiest footballers in Kenya is as accurate as possible.

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