Top 20 Fastest Growing Cities In The World Today 2022

Fastest growing cities in the world

What’s the fastest growing cities in the world?.

Here is the list of cities from all over the world today that have the fastest growth compared to all the cities today.

This year, some countries are gaining while other are losing and also at the same time, some countries are just stagnant, no progress at all.

When a country is among the gaining countries, most of its infrastructure, economy and other related markets will rise, enabling underrated cities in the country to start picking up.

In general almost all cities in the world from different countries grow and progress each and every year.

But the speed of the progress is what matters in this topic today, these are the cities that are growing in the fastest rate.

From infrastructure improvements, Population increase, Job market growth, economy etc.

Below is the list of the world’s fastest growing cities this year that you should know about today.

China and India have the highest number of the fastest growing cities in the world today.

Fastest Growing Cities and Their Countries:

  1. Suqian – China
  2. Kozhikode – India
  3. Sharjah – United Arab Emirates
  4. Muscat – Oman
  5. Kollam – India
  6. Dar es Salaam – Tanzania
  7. Wuhu – China
  8. Thrissur – India
  9. Malappuram – India
  10. Can Tho – Vietnam
  11. Abuja – Nigeria
  12. Suzhou – China
  13. Putian – China
  14. Mogadishu – Somalia
  15. Kumasi – Ghana
  16. Kampala – Uganda
  17. Hanoi – Vietnam
  18. Onitsha – Nigeria
  19. Anyang – China
  20. Yaoundé – Cameroon
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