Top 30 Highest Paying Private Schools For Teachers In Kenya

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Here is a list of more that 30 Private Schools in Kenya that pay teachers the highest monthly income.

These Private Schools in Kenya are the top schools in Kenya when it comes to the amount of money they pay their teaching staff.

Any teacher working at the schools listed below are pocketing reasonable amount of money every single month as their salary.

As a teacher, there is no better way to be appreciated for your hard work than being paid a good monthly salary.

It is known that in Kenya the salary of teachers is sadly not something to be proud of considering the amount of work and effort that comes with being a professional teacher in Kenya.

In this article, we have provided a list of over 30 good private schools in Kenya, that guarantee to pay you at least, nothing less than Ksh. 100,000 per month, not mentioning that some of these institutions pay their teaching staff more than Ksh. 200,000/month.

Securing a teaching job at any of the private schools listed below is another reason to smile on your way to the bank every single month because you will be proud of your income.

We can all agree that the salary of an employee is a really important factor when it comes to how hard the employee is expected to work.

Monthly income motivates all employees to work even more harder and efficiently.

That is why these private schools are paying teachers well, because they have mustered the art of keeping their employees motivated to work hard and improve the institution.

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Kenya has quite a number of good private and public schools operating in the country, but only a few of them pay teachers good salaries.

To help you secure a good job and make a decent amount of money per month, here are the highest paying private learning institutions in Kenya today.

Use the list below of top paying schools for teachers in Kenya to identify a school near you, that suits your needs, and send in your job application, for a chance to work at the school, and enjoy the high monthly income.

Top Paying Private Schools for Teachers In Kenya:

Here are the top paying kenyan private schools for teachers;

  • Hillcrest
  • The Nairobi Academy
  • Banda School
  • Braeburn International School
  • International School of Kenya
  • Sabis International School
  • St. Ma’s School Nairobi
  • Braeside School
  • Cavina School
  • Kenton College Preparatory School
  • Lycee Denis Diderot
  • The Aga Khan Academy
  • Oshwal Academy Nairobi
  • GEMS Gambridge International School
  • Light International Academy Schools
  • West Nairobi School
  • Brookhouse School
  • The Netherlands School Society Nairobi
  • Nairobi International School
  • Nova Pioneer School
  • Millenium School Nairobi
  • Lukenya School
  • Braeburn garden Estate
  • Rosslyn Academy
  • Cerman School Nairobi
  • Light International School
  • Woodcreek School
  • Potterhouse School
  • Peponi Houes
  • Crawford International School
  • Woodland Star International School

Because these are the top paying private schools in Kenya today, it basically means that it is not that easy to get employed by any of the above schools, but that shouldn’t stop you from sending in your application.

There might be a vacant position right now that the public doesn’t know about, so definitely try your luck with these schools and secure a teaching job.

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The best tips we can give you on securing a job at these schools would be to ensure that you have enough experience, the correct documents, a nicely written CV and indicate other benefits you will offer the school if you get employed apart from teaching. Then keep applying frequently.

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