All Private Universities In Kenya 2024 (Full List)

A private university

Here is the list of all Privately Owned Universities in Kenya today.

A private university simply means that the University is NOT owned or runned by the government of Kenya, although the university must follow curtain government rules to operate in the country, they are owned by individuals or organizations.

Kenya has a lot of private universities spread all around the country.

These private universities in Kenya offer all the courses and programs that are offered in a higher learning institution.

They offer courses like; Certicate Courses, Diploma Courses, Master Courses, Degree Courses and programs among others.

For a Private University to operate smoothly in Kenya, it must be registered and licensed to offer education in Kenya.

Any unregistered or an University using a fake license in Kenya is considered illegal and risks getting the institution banned from operations in Kenya or getting an extremely high penalty if found.

With that said, this article consists of private universities that are recognized by the Government and licensed to operate in the country.

Because these universities are recognized by the Government of Kenya and are legally operating in Kenya, all the students who are currently enrolled in the institutions or want to join the university are allowed to apply for HELB Loan.

Below is the list of all Private Universities in Kenya that are currently operating.

List Of All Private Universities In Kenya:

Zetech University

United States International University

St Paul’s University

Kenya Highlands Evangelical University

Great Lakes University Of Kisumu

The Management Univesity Of Africa

The Presbyterian University Of East Africa

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University Of Eastern Africa, Baraton

Gretsa University

Inoorero University

International Leadership University

Kiriri Women’s University of Science and Technology

Lukenya University

Marist International University College

Mount Kenya University

Pan Africa Christian University

Pioneer International University

Regina Pacis University College

Riara University

Scott Christian University

Stratmore University

Tangaza University College

The East Africa University

Uzima University College

Umma University

Kabarak University

KAG East University

Africa International University

African Leadership University

This year, at the time of this writing, those are all the private universities in Kenya.

(the list is regularly updated)

Any student who wants to join one of the universities listed above should apply and join the university without any doubt, because they are all Legal Universities in Kenya.

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