100+ Most Attractive Female Names and Their Meanings (Loved By Guys) 2023

Attractive female names

Our names are an incredibly important part of our identity. They carry deep personal, cultural, familial, and historical connections.

They also give us a sense of who we are, the communities in which we belong, and our place in the world.

There’s power in your name, especially if you are a girl. Your girl name makes the difference, so you should always choose the best.

Picking out a name is a powerful and consequential process. Names convey and create meaning. They reveal something about who we are, where we come from, and where we’re headed.

Below are more than 100 most attractive girl names that men find extremely attractive and hot at the same time.

Most Beautiful Girl Names (Alphabetically):

Acadia: idyllic place/place of plenty

Adele: noble

Adriana: from Adria

Adrienne: from the city

Alessandra: defender of men

Alexa: defender of men

Amelia: industrious

Anais: grace

Angel: messenger

Angelique: angelic

April: to open

Aria: air

Ashley: Ash tree clearing

Aurora: goddess of dawn

Becky: join, tie, captivated, and snare.

Bonita: cute or pretty.

Brandy: burnt wire

Brianna: strong

Cadence: Rhythm

Camille: helper to the priest

Candace: Queen mother

Carina: beloved

Carmen: garden

Claire: Bright, clear, and famous

Cora: maiden

Desiree: desired and wished

Elise: God is my oath.

Erica: mighty ruler

Eve: life

Gigi: earth-worker

Ginger: lively.

Hailey: clearing in the hay

Harmony: unity and concord

Heather: shrub

Jade: stone of the bowels

Jasmine: a gift of God.

Jenna: God is gracious.

Jenny: white phantom

Jolene: pretty

Kaitlin: pure.

Kate: pure

Kayla: god-like.

Keira: little dark one

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Kelly: bright-headed

Kimberley: from the wood of a royal forest

Kylie: boomerang

Larisa: citadel

Layla: night

Lexie: Man’s defender

Liza: God is my oath

Lola: sorrow

Lucia: light

Marianne: Star of the Sea or grace

Marissa: the sea.

Maya: illusion or water

Melinda: dark and black.

Melissa: Honey bee

Melody: song.

Michelle: who is like God?

Milla: Grace and dear

Nadia: tender and delicate

Natalia: birthday

Olivia: Olive tree

Paige: servant

Roxanne: dawn

Ruby: red

Samantha: told by God

Sasha: Man’s defender

Savannah: grassy plain

Scarlett: red

Skye: cloud

Stacy: fruitful.

Tatiana: fairy princess.

Trixie: bringer of joy.

Vanessa: butterfly.

Veronicah: one who brings victory

Whitney: white island.

Yasmin: flower

Zara: seed or blooming flower.

Zita: a young girl.

Hottest Female Names (Alphabetically):

Adaline: the noble one

Adalynn: the noble one

Aila: blessed

Alaiya: sublime

Alani: ripe

Ailana: created name

Alora: my dream

Analia: a combination of Anna and Lucia

Annalise: created name

Anya: God has favored me

Araceli: an altar of heaven

Ariya: solo melody

Avayah: to live

Avery: elf counsel

Azalea: dry

Bexiey: woodland clearing

Calliope: beautiful voice

Capri: island

Dahlia: flower

Daphne: laurel

Delaney: from the alder grove

Della: noble

Elaine: sun ray or shining light

Elia: God has answered

Ella: another goddess

Estelle: star

Faye: loyalty or belief

Flora: flower

Goldie: golden

Hadlee: heather meadow

Indie: Independent

Jaycee: created name

Jianna: God is gracious

Jaylani: created name

Kahlani: sea and sky

Jazlyn: created name

Kamari: moon

Kataleya: orchid

Kaylani: sea heavens

Kiana: ancient

Laurel: the bay

Livia: Olive tree

Lorelei: the enchantress

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Loretta: the knowing one

Zora: dawn

Luella: of the light

Lyra: lyre

Malani: created name

Marcelina: mars

Margo: pearl

Marisol: sea and sun

Maxine: Greatest

Myla: soldier

Mina: love

Naya: renewal

Nayeli: I love you

Novalee: new field

Nyra: the beauty of goddess Saraswati

Raya: friend

Salma: helmet of God

Sevyn: seven

Soraya: princess

Tiana: fairy queen

Xiomara: guest or stranger

Yareli: unknown

Zariyah: beautiful and light

Zayla: created name

Most Attractive Female Names:

Ilva: an island in Italy.

Eva: life.

Sylvia: wooded and forest.

Monika: uncertain.

Bijou: jewel.

Colette: the victory of the people.

Genevieve: uncertain and perhaps.

Marguerite: Daisy.

Odette: wealth.

Penelope: weaver.

Simone: listening.

Virginie: maiden.

Valentina: healthy and strong.

Alma: maiden.

Graciela: Grace.

Martina: from the god Mars.

Camila: altar server.

Catalina: pure.

Antonella: worthy of praise.

Asa: healer.

Aurora: Dawn.

Dagmaer: great.

Elina: torch and bright.

Freyja: woman.

Liv: my God is a vow.

Dafina: high worth.

Dalila: gentleness.

Niara: one with high purpose.

Akemi: Bright and beautiful.

Ami: my people.

Anika: the goddess Durga.

Avani: Earth.

Nisha: night.

Chadna: love.

Riti: well-being.

Satya: truth.

Charli: small beauty.

Teagan: little poet.

Gemma: Precious stone.

Ashling: vision or dream.

Cara: a friend.

Cassidy: curly-haired.

Daireann: fruitful.

Kalin: white, fair, pure.

Maeve: someone who causes great joy.

Meara: the sea.

Neave: radiant and bright.

Adette: sweet and noble.

Katja: a form of Katherine.

Alwine: Noble friend.

Sexy Girl Names:

Tasha: born on Christmas.

Acacia: shrubs

Cataleya: orchid

Aphrodite: goddess of love, beauty, pleasure, and procreation.

Aalka: lustrous or bright

Aitana: a Spanish mountain range

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Anahi: immortal or one of flower-like beauty

Ayala: hillside or pasture

Cassia: evergreen tree

Indigo: blue or Indian dye

Oliana: poisonous evergreen shrub with beautiful flowers

Sahara: desert

Samara: winged seed

Tamara: date palm tree

Abha: splendor or radiance

Aiko: love or affection

Aloki: lustrous or brilliant

Amia: beloved or dearly loved

Aziza: adored or loved

Desiree: to be desired

Neha: love or affection

Abhilasa: desired or wished for

Anansa: allure and beauty

Nanaya: sensuality and voluptuousness

Azrul: seduction

Rati: carnal desire

Amber: fossilized tree sap

Arden: enthusiastic and passionate

Bianca: sparky

Chloe: blooming or verdant.

Coco: originality.

Harlow: army

Hazel: flowering shrub

Isla: island

Most Unique Names For Girls:

Nerissa: from the sea

Nilani: enchanting moon

Nyrobi: a place of cool waters

Orianna: sunrise

Rayne: precipitation

Solana: sunshine

Solara: of the sun

Sumaya: high above

Yareli: small butterfly

Yolani: Royal hawk

Zorina: Golden dawn

Alianna: Noble or bright

Amora: love

Annika: sweet-faced

Indira: beauty

Nayana: beautiful eyes

Solange: formal and dignified

Tahani: best wishes

Tazara: elegance and grace

Yahira: shine

Yarina: peace

Amaris: God has said

Azariah: helped by God

Halani: breath of heaven

Gianella: God is gracious

Torianna: victory

Asa: healer

Hera: protector

Niva: expression

Suri: princess

Yari: gold

Zola: earth

Nerida: mermaid

Sirena: mermaid

Amira: princess

Daleyza: delightful

Samira: evening conversationalist

Sariyah: princess

Topaz: birthstone

Yahara: river

Zariah: God remembers or blooming flower

Avianna: bird

Elara: the 8th largest moon of Jupiter

Galia: born in waves

Myrla: blackbird or Shining sea

Nalani: calm skies

Namiko: waves

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