Top 20 Best International Banks In Uganda 2023

International banks in uganda

What are the best Foreign banks currently operating in Uganda today?.

Here is the list of the top 20 international banks in the country of Uganda.

Uganda has local banks and international banking facilities that are operating in the country.

Before looking at the best international banks in Uganda this year.

What exactly is an international bank?.

In simple terms.. An international bank is a financial institution that provides different types of financial accounts to clients who are not citizens of the nation where the accounts reside.

International banks in a particular country can also be referred to as offshore banks, these institutions may focus primarily on providing banking and investment services to individuals.

In Uganda today, for business and other banking purposes, opening an international bank account has its own advantages.

For instance International banking provides accessibility and ease of doing business to companies from different countries.

An individual or MNC can use their money anywhere around the world. This gives them the freedom to transact and use their money to meet any funds requirement in any part of the world

With that being said, below is the list of the top 20 banks in uganda that are international, operating in the country today.

Ranked by Kenyan Magazine, these are the best international banks in Uganda.

Best International Banks Operating In Uganda:

  1. Equity Bank Uganda
  2. DFCU Bank, Uganda
  3. NCBA Bank Uganda
  4. Standard Chartered Bank
  5. Global Trust Bank, Uganda
  6. Bank of Baroda Uganda
  7. Bank of Africa Uganda
  8. KCB Bank Uganda
  9. Commercial Bank of Africa
  10. Absa Bank Uganda
  11. Bank of India Uganda
  12. Imperial Bank, Uganda
  13. ABC Bank Uganda
  14. Cairo Bank Uganda
  15. Centenary Bank
  16. Diamond Trust Bank of Uganda
  17. East Africa Development Bank, Uganda
  18. Housing Finance Bank
  19. United Bank of Africa, Uganda
  20. Barclays Bank Uganda
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