30+ Best Kamba Names and Their Meanings (Boys & Girls) 2023

Kamba Names and Meanings

Looking for beautiful, meaningful, unique, and the most popular Kamba names?.

Here are the best and some of the most common Kamba names with their meanings.

The Kamba or Akamba people are a Bantu ethnic group who predominantly live in the area of Kenya stretching from Nairobi to Tsavo and north to Embu, in the southern part of the former Eastern Province.

This land is called Ukambani and constitutes Makueni County, Kitui County and Machakos County. 

Today, there are over 2.7 million Kamba people in the Republic Of Kenya.

They are also referred to as Kikamba, Kekamba, Masaku, Ukamba, Kitui and Mumoni.

If you have ever wondered what are some of the best Kamba names and what do they actually mean?.

Here is the list of more than 30 most popular names from the Kamba tribe in Kenya, they include names for both the girl child and the Kamba boys.

Names in Kikamba are mostly given to a child at birth in regards to events in the Kamba community, child’s character, seasons, places of birth, weather and the mother’s straggles during delivery among others.

With that being said, below are the Kamba names for boys and girls including their meanings in Akamba.

Mumbe (Mumbi) is the most beautiful female Kamba Name.

Kamba Tribe Girl Names and Meanings:

Mumbe – means a very beautiful and attractive lady

Mumbua – means a girl born during the rainy season

Kasyoka – This refers to reincarnation of a dead family member

Nditi – refers to a Dog

Ndila – refers to a Billy Goat

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Wayua – refers to a girl born during famine

Mbuku – means hare

Mueni – means a special or the new girl

Mutuo – means the girl was born after a long duration gestation

Mwikali – means a baby girl born after a long duration gestation

Nduku – means a Kamba girl born at night

Kamba Tribe Boy Names and Meanings:

Mutuku – means a boy born at night

Musyoka/Musyoki – refers to reincarnation of a dead family member

Musili – refers to a Judge

Musumbi – means a true King

Muthui – refers to an extremely wealthy person

Ngumbau – means the brave one

Nzoka – refers to a Snake

Wambua – means a baby born during rainy season

Kioko – means a boy born in the morning

Makau – refers to a boy born during war time

Mbiti – refers to Hyena

Munyambu – refers to a Lion

Mutongoi – means a Leader

Mutua – refers to a Kamba boy, born after a long duration gestation

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