100+ Best Black Girl Names That Start with “M” and Their Meanings 2023

Black Girl Names That start with M

The letter M was regarded as the most significant letter of all since it symbolized water.

It’s believed that water was the most sacred element as it breathed life into everything. According to various ancient schools of thought, the letter M depicted the feminine energies.

Till today, what you call yourself actually matters, and the letter your first or second name starts with is also an important part of your identity because they carry deep personal, cultural, familial, and historical connections.

They also give us a sense of who we are, the communities in which we belong, and our place in the world.

Picking out a name is a powerful and consequential process that should be given attention and deep thought.

When it comes to African black girl names especially the ones that start with letter M.

There are some that stand out from the rest and we have listed all of them below.

For black girls from the African culture, these are the greatest female names that start with M for the black community listed below.

Most Popular Female Names That Start with M:

Muna – Overflowing hope or desire

Muni – A saint or sage

Musu – The most beautiful

Maeza – The one who has great judgement

Mahdi – The expected one

Mahdy – The expected daughter

Maiba – Woman from Shona

Makda – Woman from Magdala

Manay – One who is loved or loves

Manga – Wanderer

Manha – Gift from Allah or God

Mansa – The third-born daughter

Maria – Sea of pleasure and joy

Marka – Steady rain

Marta – Mistress of the house

Mbali – Like a flower

Mbeke – Born during the first day of the week

Meeka – The strong-hearted one or will of gold

Meria – A Blackbird

Mgeni – A foreigner or visitor

Mhina – A delightful one

Midra – Princess

Midwa – An orphaned child

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Misha – Like the Lord

Mkali – Fierce and strong

Mkiwa – Orphaned child

Mooza – From Swahili or sulky

Moraa – From Kissi or one who loves fun

Msiba – Born during a time of mourning or disaster

Mtama – Millet grain

Mukai – The most beautiful daughter

Mumbi – Mother of the people or the creator

Munai – One who loves deeply

Murua – Refined and elegant

Mutia – Faithful or devoted

Mwaka – Born at the beginning of the year

Mua – Benefit/healing

Maha – Resembling the moon

Mahi – The world or the great earth

Maki – True hope and record

Mali – Filled with wealth and riches

Mama – Born on Saturday

Mana – One with supernatural powers

Mani – A great jewel or diamond gem

Mary – A well-wished-for child

Mau – A bouquet of flowers

Mawa – The loveliest one

Maya – A princess or to increase

Meja – A sea of sorrow

Mema – Filled with goodness

Mene – One who is never lonely

Mesi – The water woman

Mimi – I am

Mina – Willingness or heart’s desire

Mona – The adviser

Mosi – Firstborn

Moza – The most precious pearl

Mpho – From Tswana or gift

Most Beautiful Girl Names That Starts with M:

Maureen – The rebellious woman

Maudisa – The sweet one

Mastura – One without blemish

Maskini – Miserable or poor person

Mashavu – Chubby cheeks

Mashama – One who is a surprise

Mashaka – The troublemaker

Maseeka – Child born during the rainy season

Malkia – The queen

Maluum – Special one

Manana – Meditation

Manica – From the Nica

Marali – Female swan

Mardea – The last one

Masego – Divine favour

Masiya – Messiah

Matuko – Full of elegance

Mawusi – In the hands of the Lord

Mayasa – One who walks proudly

Mbafor – Born during the market day

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Mbhali – Rose

Meklit – A precious gift

Mhonum – Mercifulness

Milele – Eternal or infinity

Miniya – Much expected of her

Miriam – The rebellious woman

Mkweli – Truthful

Mmaabo – Their mother

Mmanga – Make a journey

Modupe – I am grateful

Monica – The advisor or solitary

Monifa – The lucky lady

Monima – Its wrong to be envious

Moraka – Known

Moswen – White

Mkiyoni – You don’t see it

Mkegani – Daughter of the disrespectful wife

Miyanda – Roots

Mirembe – The woman of peace

Miranda – Wonderful and admirable

Milumbe – Tidings of blessings

Milandu – A case to answer

Mikaili – Angel from heaven

Messina – The middle child

Melissa – Honey bee

Melisha – The famous bearer

Mekelle – One who is like God

Mchumba – Lover or sweetheart

Maysoun – Beautiful

Mpingo – Ebony tree

Mrashi – Rose water or perfume

Msaada – One who offers assistance or help

Mtumwa – Servant or pledged one

Mudiwa – The loved one

Mugure – Already purchased

Muhima – Of great importance

Mukami – The milkmaid

Munaya – A rainmaker

Muncel – Strong and willing

Murigo – This is a Lord

Musoke – The rainbow

Murugi – One who loves cooking

Myshaa – Desirable like the moon

Machupa – One who loves drinking

Mariama – Gift from God

Marjani – Purifying

Martine – Dedicated to Mars

Masanya – The time

Mahasin – The most beautiful or virtuous woman

Maimuna – Blessed, trustworthy or safe

Malenga – One who sings well

Manuela – The Lord keeps us company

Most Unique Girls Names which start with letter M:

Madaha – Gracefulness or full of arrogance

Madiha – Tell good things about the Lord

Meezah – One with the best judgement

Mahari – One who forgives

Mahdee – The expected child

Maisha – Desirable like the moon

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Mizan – Scale

Makena – The happy one

Makeda – The most beautiful

Malene – Magnificent woman from Magdala

Maliha – Strong and beautiful

Malika – A Garland or flower

Mtakwishayenu – You will exhaust yours

Mwanakhamisi – Born on Thursday

Mofopefoluwa – I give thanks to the Lord

Mwanabaraka – Brings blessings

Mukantagara – Born during the war

Mwaurayeni – What have you killed

Mwanakweli – One who brings the truth

Mwanakheri – One who brings goodness

Mwana – An offspring or child

Mwari – A girl who has reached puberty

Mvita – Full of life

Mwema – A pleasant or good person

Mzuri – Good or feeling good

Machui – Like a leopard

Mwanadongo – A child of the earth

Menikaliya – You are against me

Mwazwenyi – What have you heard

Mwanatabu – Born at the time of trouble

Mwanamize – A distinguished child

Mwanajuma – Born on a Friday

Mwanahawa – The daughter of Eve

Mundufiki – Good for nothing

Mpatuleni – Separate

Morihinze – Child is good

Mbalenhle – A beautiful flower from Zulu

Mwangaza – Light

Mwanaidi – Born during Idd Fest

Mwamuila – Born during the war

Mwammoja – The only one

Muteteli – Dainty

Monsurat – Victorious

Miskaela – One who resembles God

Mergrace – Favour of God

Meherima – Gift of God

Malaika – Angel

Mahfudha – The protected one

Myeisha – Good life

Mukondi – A dancer

Mugisha – Luck

Mufiida – A beneficial child

Mtupeni – Not very welcome

Mtakuja – You will come

Mshinda – One who triumphs

Montsho – Black

Monisha – Knowledge or wisdom

Moliehi – The one who was awaited

Mwatabu – Born during sorrow

Mwasham – Unlucky child

Mwanjaa – Born during the famine

Mwanawa – Firstborn of my kids

Mwamini – The honest one

Muthoni – The shy one or an in-law

Muslima – Follower of the religion

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