30+ Best Christian Pick Up Lines

Christianity pick up lines

Christians have pick up lines too…

Are you looking for Christian, Bible, Church and Christianity pick up lines?.

Here are the best Christian and Christianity pick up lines to use on a Christian crush today.

They include funny Christian pick up lines, cheesy pick up lines, cute pick up lines and clever Christian pick up lines.

You can easily use these pick-up lines on someone who knows Christianity or reads the Bible for them to understand the lines properly.

You can also go ahead and use any of these Christian pick up lines in church, appropriately.

Christian Pick Up Lines:

Do you know why Solomon only needed 1000 women? because he never met you.

I’m no Joseph, perhaps you can help me interpret my dreams about you?

Could it be a sin that you stole my heart?

I’m a prophet, but I can see us together.

You make me want to be a better Christian.

The Queen of Sheba look like a hobo next to you.

I would part any Red Sea for you.

We’re like loaves and fishes, a miracle together.

You surely are one of the seeds that fell on good soil.

Do you need prayer? Because I’d love to lay hands on you.

I’m a Proverbs 32 kind of guy and you’re a Proverbs 31 type of woman.

I prayed and here you are.

As Christians, we should honor all Scripture, 2 Corinthians 13:12.

David killed one, but for you I would slay two Goliaths.

I was reading the book of Numbers when I suddenly realized I don’t have yours!

I never believed in predestination until I met you tonight.

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The word of God says ‘Give drink to those who are thirsty, and food to the hungry’… how about dinner?

My ark floats each time I see you.

I’m certain one of my ribs belongs to you.

Your good look lifts people’s spirits.

This must be the transfiguration, you are glowing.

I used to believe in natural theology, but since I met you, I’m all for divine revelation.

I can’t perform miracles but I have enough bread and fish for two people.

When I read Philippians 4:8, my mind dwells on you.

I didn’t know angels flew this low.

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