Egerton University Courses Offered (full list) and Contact

List of Courses Offered

Looking for all the courses offered at Egerton University ?

List of accredited courses offered at Egerton University are listed below.

Egerton University offers all these courses for both new students who want to join the institution and the existing students currently enrolled in the institution.

You can find the list of courses that are currently available in Egerton University, for all the students or candidates who would like to join the institution and pursue their career course.

Here are, Masters courses, Degree courses, Diploma courses, Certificate courses, Postgraduate courses, Undergraduate courses, among others that are currently offered at Egerton University this academic year.

Below is the list of courses offered at Egerton University

Courses Offered At Egerton University:

  • Masters Courses:

Master of Science in Soil Science(Soil Science)

Master of Science in Agronomy(Agronomy)

Master of Science in Plant Breeding(Plant Breeding)

Master of Science in Food Science and Technology( Food Science and Technology)

Master of Science in Horticulture(Horticulture)

Master of Science in Animal Nutrition(Animal Nutrition)

Master of Science in Plant Biotechnology(Plant Biotechnology)

Master of Animal Breeding and Genetics(Animal Breeding and Genetics)

Master of Agribusiness Management(Agribusiness Management)

Master of Science in Agricultural Information and Communication Management

Master of Science in Livestock Production Systems(Livestock Production Systems)

Master of Science in Dry Land Agro Pastoral Systems

Master of Science in Agricultural Economics(Agricultural Economics)

Master of Science in Dryland Agriculture(Dryland Agriculture)

Master of Science in Crop Protection(Crop Protection)

  • Degree Courses:

Bachelor of Science in Agriculture (Agriculture)

Bachelor of Science in Food Science and Technology(Food Science and Technology)

Bachelor of Science in Horticulture(Horticulture)

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Bachelor of Science in Agribusiness Management(Agribusiness Management)

Bachelor of Science in Animal Science(Animal Science)

Bachelor of Agricultural Economics(Agricultural Economics)

Bachelor of Science in Soil Environment

Bachelor of Science in Dairy Technology and Management

Master Of Science In Agricultural And Applied Economics

  • Diploma Courses:

Diploma in Animal Science and Technology(Animal Science and Technology)

Diploma In Dairy Technology

Diploma in Horticulture(Horticulture)

Diploma in Farm Resources Management(Farm Resources Management)

Diploma in Animal Health(Animal Health)

  • Doctorate Courses:

Ph.D in Agricultural Economics(Agricultural Economics)

Ph.D in Animal Science(Animal Science)

Ph.D in Agronomy(Agronomy)

Ph.D in Soil Science(Soil Science)

Ph.D in Plant Breeding(Plant Breeding)

Ph.D in Food Science(Food Science)

Ph.D in Agribusiness management(Agribusiness Management)

Ph.D in Plant Biotechnology(Plant Biotechnology)

Ph.D in Crop Protection(Crop Protection)

Ph.D in Horticulture(Horticulture)

PhD in Dry Land Agriculture and Resource Management

  • Post Graduate Diploma courses:

Postgraduate Diploma in Environmental and Sustainable Development

  • Egerton University Contacts:

Address: P.O Box 536 Egerton

Location: Nakuru, Kenya

Telephone Number: 254-051-2217891/2

Telephone Number 2: 254-051-2217781

Email Address: [email protected]


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