Freemason Kenya: How To Join, Members, Requirements, Facts and Contacts 2023


Here is everything you need to know about Freemason in Kenya, from how to become a Freemason member in Kenya to the current Kenyan Freemason members, requirements of becoming a Mason, their branches and Contacts In Kenya, freemason signs and secrets and the shocking facts about Freemasonry.

In Kenya, there are a number of well known and respected personalities that are members of the Freemasons in the country.

Is Freemason real in Kenya?.

Yes! Freemasonry is a real thing and it exists in Kenya till date, they have big churches in Kenya in Nairobi and you will get to know about them and their locations at the end of this article.

It is known that all Freemason members are extremely wealthy, they are among the richest people in Kenya, Africa and the world at large.

Though there is no guarantee of becoming rich, there is simply no way you can become a Free mason member and live an average life, you are most probably going to get rich at some point in the future.

As a matter of fact, did you know that Freemason Church is currently the 9th Richest Church In The World. Out of all religious organizations in the world, the Free Mason is the ninth wealthiest of them all.

Check out this article on Richest Churches In The World to find out more shocking facts about churches and their Net Worths.

Is Freemasonry Satanic?

Freemason or Illuminati are considered devil worshipers, but they claim that anyone who believes in any creator is allowed to join the membership.

Although the Freemasons are considered Satanic, a report by a popular media house in Kenya revealed that thousands of Kenyans are desperate in joining the Freemason (illuminati) so as to become rich.

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That aside, first things first, what are the signs and secrets of Freemason in Kenya.

Below are Signs and Symbols of Freemasons you should know.

Freemason Signs and Symbols:

Freemasons have long communicated using visual symbols drawn from the tools of stonemasonry.

The “All-Seeing Eye,” or Eye of Providence, while not designed by Masons, has been used by the group to represent the omniscience of ‘God’.

The most well-known Freemason symbol, “The Square and Compasses,” depicts a builder’s square joined by a compass. The “G” at its center remains a subject to dispute; some experts at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, for example, believe the “G” in the symbol’s center represents geometry, a critical field to the first Freemasons, while others believe it represents ‘God’, the “Grand Architect of the Universe.” The Square and Compasses remains a popular symbol on Masonic rings.

There’s another, lesser-known Masonic symbol drawn from nature: the beehive. Masons were originally working men who were supposed to be as busy as bees.

The Masonic square and compasses symbol is seen (found) on the main floor wall at the headquarters of the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, Washington, D.C.

Here are unknown facts about Freemasons and some of the most shocking secrets about Freemason.

Freemason Facts:

  • Did you know that Freemason members who are known as Masons know each other?. The secret society has a confidential way of identifying one another.
  • The Masons developed passwords and secret handshakes to identify each other.
  • The Freemasons Are the Oldest Fraternal Organization in the World.
  • Freemasons meet in a temple, which they call a “lodge”, as that is where ancient stonemasons met when working on a church or cathedral.
  • Lodges (Freemason Churches) are grouped by region.
  • Freemasons wear aprons, because of the supposed evolution of freemasonry from the stonemasons.
  • In the Freemason brotherhood, the “third degree” is the final stage before becoming a fully fledged Mason. The ceremony involves close questioning, which is where the expression “giving someone the third degree” originates.
  • Freemasons Inspired America’s First Political Third Party.
  • Are there really secretive handshakes only used by Masons? Yes, There Is a Freemason Handshake. Several of them, Actually.
  • The Catholic Church Forbids its Members from Being Freemasons, which means that if you are a Catholic Christian, you are not allowed by your church to join Freemasons.
  • Freemason has more male members than female Masons, that is why it is usually referred to as the “Boys Club” in abroad. Male members are easily accepted in the community than women.
  • There are about 5,000 + female Freemasons in the UK and 250,000 + male Freemasons in England and Wales with more under the Grand Lodge of Scotland.
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Freemason is full of famous and respected people in the world.

Below is the list of the world’s famous freemason members.

Freemason Members:

Some of the Famous Freemason members include;

George Washington was a Master Mason

Benjamin Franklin was a founding member of the first Masonic Lodge in America.

Presidents Franklin D.

Roosevelt and Gerald Ford were Masons

Prime Minister of Great Britain Winston Churchill

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Davy Crockett

Henry Ford

John Wayne

Buzz Aldrin

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Rudyard Kipling

Oscar Wilde

If you want to join Freemason in Kenya, you are required to meet certain requirements and thresholds.

Before signing up to become a Mason in Kenya today, you must adhere to the following rules and requirements.

How To Join Freemason In Kenya:

Make sure you meet all the following requirements before you think of becoming one of the rich Freemason Members in Kenya.

Requirements To Join A Freemason Lodge:

  • You must believe in a Supreme Being.
  • You must be joining of your own free will, NOT forced.
  • In some cases, you must be a man.
  • You must be free-born.
  • You must be of lawful age. Depending on the Grand Lodge, this can be anywhere from 18 to 25, in Kenya, if you are over the age of 18 years, you are eligible to join.
  • In some cases, you must come recommended by at least two existing Freemasons from the lodge you’re petitioning.
  • Your wealth and richness doesn’t matter, whether you are rich or poor, you can apply and become a member and both the richest and poor are apparently treated equally.
  • Don’t let your dad, mom, cousin, uncle, neighbor, or friend pressure you into joining. Only join because you genuinely want to.
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Freemason Kenya Churches and Contacts:

If you want to get in touch with a Freemason representative, use the contact information, churches and Freemason branches below to talk to a Free Mason member.

Freemason Contacts and Phone Numbers;

  1. Freemason Kenya

Location: Nairobi, Kenya

Call: +254-713 090941

Contact: 0713090941

  1. Freemason Hall Nairobi

Location: Nairobi, Kenya

Contact: 0710 509374

  1. District Grand Lodge of East Africa

Physical Location: Nyerere Rd

Opened From: 9:00AM to 5:00PM.

  1. The Grand Lodge of Africa

Opened From: 9:00AM to 5:00PM

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