How To Easily Join SKIZA Tune as an Artist and Make Money 2023

Skiza Tune

How can an artist or a content creator join the Safaricom Skiza Tune and be able to make money from their music/content?.

Here is how you, as a musician can join the Skiza platform, submit your songs and start making money through the platform.

To join Skiza Tune as an artist and be able to submit your songs, you will need a middleman because you can not directly upload your songs to the Skiza by Safaricom by your own.

The middlemen will be the ones in charge of collecting the songs from you or your management and formating them accordingly to be uploaded in the Safaricom Skiza platform.

When your songs are uploaded on the platform, you will start making money from your songs through ring back tone.

If you are wondering, how much can I make as an artist by registering an uploading my songs on Skiza?.

The Skiza Tune by Safaricom platform offers a 36% revenue share between the parties.

You as an artist will make 36% of all the revenue generated by the platform.

For example, if one of your songs made Ksh. 200,000 on the Skiza Platform, you will be paid 36% of the revenue, which means you will pocket Ksh. 72,000.

With that said, below is how to register for an account with the Skiza platform to be able to make money with your songs.

How To Register for SKIZA as an Artist in Kenya:

As mentioned earlier, it is not possible for an artist or a content creator to upload their music directly to the Skiza Tune platform.

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To register and get your music on the platform, you will need to register with a Skiza middleman.

The middlemen are simply companies that will distribute your songs on the SKIZA platform and they will also collect the revenue earned for you, if you want them to do so.

Safaricom has over 30 SKIZA TUNE middlemen (companies) working for them by collecting music from the artists and uploading the music to SKIZA for the artists to make money through the platform.

To help you choose the best meddlemen for your music distribution to SKIZA TUNE, we have listed some of the well known, trusted and currently on contract with Safaricom on SKIZA music distribution.

To monetize your songs through SKIZA here are the best middlemen to register with and get your songs uploaded to the ring back tune platform by Safaricom and start making money.

Best SKIZA Tune Middlemen Companies:

  • Xpedia (Gospel and Vernacular music)
  • Cellulant (Zilizopendwa, Benga, Kenyan Pop and Genge music)
  • Interactive Media Services (Bongo and Bollywood)

Bluewater Group LTD (Corporate, SME and Birthday Tunes music)

  • Xspice Vas Kenya LTD (Bongo, Bollywood, Kenyan and International music)
  • User Experience Technologies LTD (Spoken Word)
  • Ngomma Value Added Services (Bongo and Kenyan Tunes music)
  • M-Tech Communications (Naija and Wacky Tunes music)
  • Bernsoft Interactive (Reggae, Classical, Kwaito, Techno, Country, Comedy and Sermons)
  • Qasiida Technologies (Islamic Music)

By registering with these companies, you can be able to get your songs on SKIZA in a matter of a few days if not hours.

Those are only some of the best SKIZA Tune provider companies, there are more that we have not included in the list.

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After your songs are uploaded on the Safaricom platform, you will start earning money immediately, the popular your song is in the platform, the more money you will make, it’s that simple.

Here is how to know how much you have made with SKIZA tune so far.

How To Track Your SKIZA Tune Earnings:

Safaricom has made it easy for musicians who have their songs active on SKIZA to be able to monitor their revenue.

Below is how to monitor your SKIZA Tune revenue through USSD short code.

  • Dial *622# on your phone using your Safaricom line
  • Enter your Access Code
  • Select the ‘Query SKIZA Revenue’ option
  • Choose the period of time you want to track your revenue from to continue
  • Choose the song or content

You will be able to see how much that specific song has made on the ring back tune platform through a text message that will be sent to you in a few minutes.

Remember you can always repeat the process for each song as many times as you want.

You can also check your Skiza tune Revenue through the Online method.

Below is how to track your Skiza earnings online:

To check your SKIZA earnings through the online method;

  • Log in with your details to the Safaricom SKIZA website
  • Follow the steps to have your SKIZA revenue and statements displayed for you

How To Subscribe to SKIZA Tune:

To subscribe for Skiza Tune and get ring back tunes on your calls. Simply;

  • Dial *811# on your phone using your Safaricom line
  • Select Subscribe to SKIZA
  • Enter the code of the SKIZA Tune you want to subscribe to as your Skiza Tune
  • Download the SKIZA Tune
  • Confirm to successfully Subscribe to the SKIZA TUNE
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Depending on the SKIZA Tune you have selected, you will be charged around Ksh. 1.50 per day.

That’s how musicians, artists and content creators can register and join SKIZA Tune by Safaricom Kenya.

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