How To Get The New Digital Number Plates In Kenya (Online and Manually) 2023

New Digital Number Plate Kenya

How can I apply for the new digital number plate in Kenya for my car?.

As from now, it is a requirement for all motorists in Kenya to ensure that they are driving on the new digital number plates.

The new digital plates have new, improved and digitalized features, such as the new plates now have security features, which allow law enforcement agencies to track vehicles.

The feature is basically a microchip, which can be read by security agencies remotely.

They also have a completely new fonts and design, which are included with a QR code, the Kenyan flag, and NTSA serial number.

The new plates will be put on all imported vehicles at their point of entry. The same exercise will also see direct synchronization with tax agency KRA.

This, it is said, will help the agency track tax evaders, including businesses that sell vehicles in the country.

As of today, there are around 5.2 million cars in Kenya and all have a limited time to accure the latest Kenyan number plate.

It will cost you Ksh. 3,000 to get the new digital number plate for your car and replace the old number plate with the latest one in Kenya.

Kenyans or vehicle owners in the country have a limit of 18 months to switch their current plates to new ones.

It should also be known that the new plates will also serve 12 categories of vehicles.

How To Acquire The New Number Plate In Kenya:

All car owners in Kenya are eligible to get the new digital number plate which they are going to replace them from the old ones.

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This will be at a price of Ksh. 3,000 to acquire the new plates which are now currently available.

To apply for your new NTSA digital number plate online or manually, follow the easy step by step process below.

Manual Process:

  1. Acquire application form from NTSA
  2. Indicate vehicle particulars & type of plates needed
  3. Deliver fully filled form to NTSA offices
  4. Then make payment of Ksh. 3,000
  5. You will be notified via text message when to pick or where to collect your new number plate when it’s ready.

Online Application Process via TIMS:

  1. SMS the word NTSA to 22847
  2. Then Log on to
  3. Click on the TIMS logo
  4. Go to apply reflective number plate
  5. Choose the type of vehicle that needs a new plate
  6. Indicate the plate type
  7. Indicate person to pick them
  8. Indicate the point of collection
  9. Pay Ksh. 3,000 application fee via mobile money or card
  10. Congratulations, you will now be notified on the process, when it’s ready and when to go collect your plates

You should also note that Preferred plates cost Sh30,000

Motorcycle plates cost Sh1,500

NTSA will alert you via text message when plate will be ready.

Kenyan motorists will have 18 months to change to the new number plates or risk a fine of Sh20,000, imprisonment for six months or both.

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