11 BEST Airports in Kenya and their Locations (KAA Approved) 2023

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11 BEST Airports in Kenya and their Locations (KAA Approved)

Below is a list of international and non international Airports in Kenya, that are considered the best airports in Kenya this year.

They are all under the Kenya Airports Authority (KAA) Airports/Airstrips.

If you want to travel abroad from Kenya or travel locally using a plane, we have listed a number of Airstrips in Kenya to make it easier for you to find the most convenient airport to fly from in the country.

Here is the list of the best airports in Kenya under Kenya Airports Authority (KAA)


1: Jomo Kenyatta International Airport – Nairobi

2: Moi International Airport – Mombasa

3: Eldoret International Airport – Eldoret

4: Wilson Airport – Nairobi

5: Kisumu International Airport – Kisumu

6: Isiolo International Airport – Isiolo

7: Malindi Airport – Malindi

8: Wajir Airport – Wajir

9: Lokichoggio Airport – Lokichoggio

10: Manda Airport – Manda Island

11: Ukunda Airport – Diani Beach

We have also listed the best Seaports in Kenya this year below.

Here is a list of seaports in Kenya.

Seaports in Kenya:

Kilindini Harbour‎

Kipevu Oil Terminal

Port of Kiunga

Port Reitz

Port Tudor

Port of Shimoni

Shimanzi Oil Terminal

Port of Funzi

Port of Mbaraki

Port of Vanga

Port of Kilifi

Port of Lamu

Port of Mtwapa

Port of Malindi

Port of Mombasa

Kenya has a lot of airports and seaports in the country located countywide. But these are the top airports in Kenya that are under Kenya Airport Authority (KAA).

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There you have it – 11 BEST Airports in Kenya and their Locations (KAA Approved)

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