How To Check If Your NTSA Driving Licence Is Ready For Collection

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How do I know if my Driving License is ready for me to collect it?.

Here is how you can be able to check and confirm if you NTSA DL is ready for collection in Kenya.

The National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) has made it easy for individuals who have just completed their driving school classes, done the driving test and passed, and applied for their driving license to be able to know, exactly when the license will be ready.

If you want to collect your driver’s license ASAP so you can go and hit the road legally and not be in any trouble.

In this article, we have provided simple, different methods of checking if your NTSA Driving License is ready to be collected.

Below is how to check if your Driving License is now ready for you to go and collect your it.

Check If Your Driving License (DL) Is Ready To Be Collected:

As mentioned above, there are different methods or ways to check if your DL is ready to be collected, in this article, we have provided all the methods.

Here is the first method to check if you driving license is indeed ready to collected.

1. Use the RTD Checker

You can check if your DL is ready by the use of the RTD

Follow the easy steps provided below to check if your DL is ready for collection using your interim driving license number through the KRA RTD.

  • Visit the KRA website from your computer or mobile phone (preferably a PC)
  • Hover over to the Online Services button and click on it
  • Click on the Case Status Checker option
  • The system will redirect you to a ITAX Page
  • Once the iTax page has loaded, you are required to enter the case, that’s the Registration and Reference Number including the date, click submit once done
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That’s it, you will get a response that will inform you if your Driving License is now ready to be collected or you still have to wait for a while.

You can always repeat the process to check every time you want.

2. Use the NTSA App

The other method of checking if your DL is ready to be collected is through the NTSA Mobile Application or TIMS website.

Here is how to check the availability of your NTSA Driving License via the app.

  • Download the NTSA App from Playstore (android) or Appstore (IOS) and install it on your phone
  • Log in to the app with your NTSA TIMS details (if you applied for the Smart Driving License)
  • Once logged in to your TIMS Account, check the dashboard for any message
  • If there is a message or notification, confirm what it says, because there will be a notification or a message on the dashboard of your TIMS account if your license is ready to be collected.
  • The message or notification on the dashboard should include your Driving License Registration Number, the exact date you issued the DL and the date your driving license will expire.
  • If your license is ready to be collected, simply visit the NTSA office where you submitted your application and collect your Driver’s License.

If there is nothing on the dashboard, this probably means that your Driving License is not yet ready for collection. Check back later.

NB: For the Old Driving License, log in to your eCitizen account for confirmation

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Remember you can always repeat the process to check your DL any time you want.

3. Use Text Message (SMS)

You can also use the SMS method to check if your NTSA driving license is ready to be collected.

To use the text message method to check the readiness of your DL, simply;

  • Open your text message app on your phone
  • Create a new SMS
  • Send your National ID Number to: 22846

NTSA will get back to you in a few minutes, with a confirmation message that has details to let you know if your license is now ready to be collected or not, this is considered the easiest method to check your DL.

You can always repeat the process to check if your driver’s license is ready or not anytime.

4. Use the NTSA Offices and Contact Details

You can also simply contact NTSA with your details at hand and ask about your DL.

Alternatively you can decide to pay NTSA offices near you a visit, especially the office that you submited your application at.

The NTSA offers and Representatives at the offices will be able to tell you about the availability of your driving license, and if it’s ready, you can pick it right there at the office.

You can always use your Interim Driving License to drive without a qualified driver by your side and you will not be in any legal problem, as you continue to wait for your DL to be ready.

If you haven’t yet gotten your Interim Driving License which allows you to drive before acquiring the original driving license, click here to apply and aquire your Interim Driving License today.

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