Most Common NTSA Driving School Test Questions And Answers 2023

NTSA Driving Tests Questions and Answers

Are you a soon to be qualified driver in Kenya?.

To ensure you pass your Kenya Driving School Test, here are the most common, most tested and more likely to appear in your Driving Test Exam questions and we have also provided their accurate answers, exactly the way they should be answered to pass the test.

Before you can be licensed as a qualified NTSA driver in Kenya and get your Interim then later your Driving License, you will need to take driving classes in a recognized Driving School in Kenya, and most importantly, pass your exams.

What better way to pass your driving test exams than in flying Colors.

NTSA Driving Tests Questions in Kenya are not necessarily hard, BUT they are tricky and twisted, they require you to be smart to answer them correctly.

To make sure that you have a smooth driving school exam experience, read the following Q&A (Questions and Answers) that you will be tested on, no matter which Driving School you went to in Kenya, every NTSA Driver has at one point in their exams got these questions asked.

In this article, we have provided a comprehensive list of NTSA Driving Tests and all their answers as required.

Below are the most common questions that a driver should expect to get while at their driving school test in Kenya.

Driving School Common Questions And Their Answers:

  • What is a pedestrian Crossing?

Answer: A safe crossing provided for the safe use of pedestrians

  • Name four causes of accidents in Kenya


a) Drunkenness

b) Overspeeding

c) Overloading

d) Carelessness

  • What is the Highway Code?

Answer: A booklet checked and passed by the parliament for rules of road users.

  • What are hazard lights?

Answer: These are vehicle lights that flash at the front and back of the car. They are switched on when they is a hazard or danger.

  • What are Indicator lights?

Answer: These are lights that are used to provide signals to other users when changing lanes, reversing and parking.

  • What is a vehicle?

Answer: A vehicle is an automobile power driven machine

  • Within which period should an accident be reported at a police station in Kenya?

Answer: As soon as possible but within 24 hours

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  • What are the rules of the model town board?


a) Use the shortest and the most correct route without using the parking

b) Use the longest and the most correct route without using the parking

c) Use parking if there is no other route

  • Green Colour on the traffic light means go, except when?


a) When there is an on coming vehicle from the right

b) When stopped by a police officer

  • What do you look for when driving past stationary vehicles?


a) Opening of doors

b) Pedestrian crossing

  • What is the rule of the Road in Kenya?

Answer: To always keep left unless overtaking.

  • Which side do you overtake from?

Answer: The right side

  • Which is the biggest roundabout in East Africa?

Answer: The Globe Cinema Roundabout

  • Why are commercial vehicles taken for inspection?

Answer: To make sure they are in good condition and road worthy

  • What is coasting?

Answer: It is driving a vehicle for a long distance only with one gear

  • Name three documents which must be valid before you are allowed to drive:


a)Valid driving license

b)Valid insurance certificate

c)Valid vehicle inspection certificate

  • When are you not allowed to drive despite having the three valid required documents?


a) When you are sick

b) Drunk

c) Under drugs fatigue

  • What should you do first when receiving your driving license for the first time?

Answer: Check all the details and sign in an ink pen

  • When there is a white continuous line down a one-way traffic road, what does it mean?

Answer: No changing lanes

  • State the three seconds rule

Answer: If you reach the object before three seconds, then you are not driving at a safe distance from the vehicle ahead of you.

  • Explain what are Dim Lights?

Answer: These are lights which are switched on when it is getting dark. They are also switched on for a short distance viewing of oncoming vehicles.

  • What are parking dim lights?

Answer: They are  lights that are switched on at 6:45 AM or when it is raining or dusty.

  • What are full lights?

Answer: These are lights used on highways to enable the driver to see further

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  • What is a lane?

Answer: It is a path to be followed by the vehicle

  • Who is a pedestrian?

Answer: Road users on foot

  • When stopped by a police officer, name four places you cannot stop?


At a junction

At the center of the road

Where there is no stopping sign

On a roundabout

  • Where should you not overtake at?


At a junction

Where there is no overtaking sign

On a roundabout

  • Where does the law require you to stop?


At a stop sign

When ordered by a police officer

When the traffic lights changes to red

  • When do you use the mirror when driving?


When overtaking

Changing lane

When Stopping

  • How many wheels does a saloon Car have?

Answer: Five (Four moving and one spare)

  • How many eyes does a driver have?

Answer: Three (Two natural and one artificial)

  • What distance should you keep between two moving vehicles in town?

Answer: You should see behind the wheels or the number plate of the vehicle infront

  • What is the meaning of the letter EAK found at the outer cover of a driving license?

Answer: EAK stands for East Africa Kenya

  • How should a driver control their self in an uncontrolled roundabout?

Answer: They should make sure there is no oncoming vehicle from the right side of the round about

  • What’s the name given to someone carrying a sign saying “STOP CHILDREN CROSSING”?

Answer: A School Warden

  • Why do we normally press down the clutch peddle when engaging gears?

Answer: To disconnect the gear box from the engine

  • What must you NOT do when being overtaken?

Answer: You should not accelerate

  • When can you overtake from the left side of the road?

Answer: When the vehicle in front of you is turning right

  • Which vehicles have the right of way?


a) An ambulance with a siren

b) Fire Engine with a siren

c) Presidential escort with a siren

d) A police car with a siren

  • When can you put on the lights during the day?


a) When it is foggy

b) During heavy rainfall

c) When it is misty

d) During emergency

  • Which is the maximum speed limit in town?
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Answer: 50km/hr

  • What is the maximum speed limit on the highway?


a) Pick-up & lorries.

Answer: 80km/hr

b) Cars.

Answer: 110km/hr

c) Trailers.

Answer: 65km/hr

  • What are the four important tools you have to carry when driving for a safari?


a) A Carjack

b) A Spare Wheel

c) A Spotlight

  • How do you hold the steering wheel clockwise?

Answer: 10 to 2 position and 9 to 3 position

  • What do you do if, as crossing by the traffic lights is green then they suddenly change to amber?

Answer: You should proceed if you had crossed the stop sign

  • Which is the strongest gear on a vehicle, explain your answer?

Answer: Reverse gear is the strongest gear, because it has no any other alternative gear

  • Which gear should be used to start a loaded lorry and why?

Answer: Gear number 1 because it is more strong than number two

  • When do we dim our lights at night?


On a well lit road

When meeting on coming vehicle

When meeting a pedestrian

  • Where should you as a driver not hoot?


In hospitals

In schools

Near law courts

Where there is a “NO HOOTING SIGN”

  • What are the four important parts to be maintained in a car?


The Brakes

The Steering wheel

The Wheels

The Lights

  • Where is a driver NOT allowed to park?


At a junction

At the corner of the road

Where there Is a No Parking sign

At a bus stop

If you can read all the above questions and their answers you should be safe during your NTSA Driving Test.

DON’T try to cram the answers to every question, that’s not how it works, you should try your best to read every question and understand it even before you can read its answer.

At the end of the day, you are trying to be an excellent driver for the rest of your life, NOT just for the purpose of passing your Driving Test Exams.

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