Annual Vehicle Inspection In Kenya: Here is what will be Inspected

National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA)

Here is a list of parts on your car that the inspection offers will inspect to make sure they are in perfect condition for your car to operate on Kenyan roads.

Look at the list below and make sure those parts on your car receive high maintenance.

Vehicle Inspection in Kenya is done every year and every single vehicle owner is required to present there car for the annual inspection.

For your vehicle to be inspected, you are supposed to book for a vehicle inspection online and pay the required amount which is around Ksh. 1800.

After making the payment, you can now present your car for inspection.

You can use your NTSA TIMs Account to make the payment.

With that said, here is a list of vehicle items that are going to be inspected during the vehicle inspection process.

In this article, we have listed all the parts that will defiantly be inspected on your vehicle during the inspection so that you can ensure these parts/items are in good condition to avoid any problems.

Here is the list of vehicle parts that are going to be inspected in a Kenyan annual car inspection.

List Of Items That Are Tested During Vehicle Inspection:

  • Wheels

Tyre type, size and condition

Spare wheel carrier

Tyre condition road wheels and hubs

  • Undercarriage

Engine/Exhaust and the fuel system


Chassis and Frame

General Service Brake and Air Pressure System

Wheel Bearings, Kingpins and Bushes

Stub Axle Assemblies

Steering Mechanism/Power Steering

Suspensions/Shook Absorbers

  • Electric and Lighting System

Stop Lamps

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Direction Indicators

Front and Rear Lamp


The Front number Plates condition illumination

Instruments Panel Gauges


Windscreen Wipers/Washes

General Electrical System

  • Drive Test

The Speedometer

The Speed governor condition

Parking brake condition

Smoke Emission

Trailer Coupling

Vehicle control and stability on a test drive

The Service brake efficiency and balance

  • Body and Interior

Body Color, confirmed through the logbook

Condition of seats

CAB/Body condition specifications

The car Doors


The Wings

Reflectors & Chevrons

Security/stability of mounting Seat belts

The Bumper Bars and Side Mirror

The car’s windscreen glass

Car specifics; eg, The Name, Brand, yellow band etc

  • General Car Parts


The Brake Clutch Acceleration

Catalytic Converter

Fire extinguisher

Those are the most testable parts of the vehicle that are more likely to be inspected during a car inspection.

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