NTSA Driving License Checker: How To Check If Your License Is Valid 2023

National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA)

Here are 4 very easy ways to confirm if your driving license is original.

Are you wondering if your driving license is valid in Kenya this year?. Worry no more, use the following ways provided on this article to check if you are using an original and valid driver’s license.

Sometimes drivers use unoriginal or fake driving license unknowingly, because of this, NTSA has made it easy for all drivers to have access and confirm if their driving licenses are still valid till date.

The number of fake driving licenses was way higher during previous years of old driving licenses, but the new digital driving licenses are curving down the number of fake driver’s licenses.

The new digital driving licenses in Kenya are currently issued online, you can replace and renew your driving license anywhere anytime, all you need is an internet connection and a device to access the internet, such as your phone, computer, iPad, laptop or PC.

Don’t get in trouble with the traffic police because of an invalid driving license.

Here is how you can be able to check and confirm whether the Driving License you are currently using is valid or not.

Below are 4 easy ways for you to check the validity of your driving license today, it takes a few minutes to complete the process and you can do it at your own convenience.

How To Check Your NTSA Driving License Originality:

  1. Check Your License Validity Through NTSA TIMS Account

Drivers can be able to find out if their driving license is original by accessing the NTSA TIMS account.

The application for the Smart Digital Driving License is always done through the NTSA TIMS account.

The application can only be carried out through the NTSA TIMS Account and nowhere else.

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All the drivers who have (hold) a the new Electronic Smart Driving License are supposed to have an active NTSA TIMS Account.

The account will contain all the details of their current Driving License.

To check if your driving license is original or valid, simply log in to your NTSA TIMS Account, or create one if you don’t have an account yet.

When logged in to your TIMS Account, you will be able to see and check if you are using a valid driving license. The NTSA TIMS Account will show you if the driving license you are currently using is under your name, National ID among others. If the system is able to confirm that every information under your DL is correct, then you are good to go.

Other than that, the NTSA TIMS system will also allow you to check
exactly what date your driving license will expire (become outdated). The same date should also appear on your driving license.

What if you are a user (holder) of the old driving license?

If that’s the case, don’t worry,
simply login to your eCitizen Portal, and under the NTSA services, if you click through it, then you will be able to see if your license is listed under that section.

To check your license validity, confirm that all the details indicated at the portal are the same details that are on your Driving License.

  1. Check Your License Validity By Visiting an NTSA Office

To check if your driving license is original or not, you can easily do that by visiting the nearest NTSA office in your area.

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You should pay any NTSA Office a visit to check the originality of your driving license if you do not prefer using the online method of checking your DL’s validity.

When visiting an NTSA office, the NTSA officer will ask you to provide your driving license so that he/she can run a test to see if it is an original Driving License.

The officer will simply use the details on your Driving License to confirm if they match with the details in the NTSA system.

The process is relatively quick but it might take longer if there is an issue with your driving license or the system.

If the NTSA offer is certain that all the details are matching, then he/she will confirm it to you that you are a holder of a valid driving license.

If your driving license is not in the NTSA system or the details/information do NOT match with the ones in the system, then your driving license is considered invalid, or Not Original.

  1. Check If You Driving License Is Original Through the NTSA Mobile App

NTSA has gone digital these days, they currently have a mobile application that can be downloaded from PlayStore for Android users and App Store for IOS users.

Download and install the official NTSA App on your phone if you don’t have it and follow these steps to check if your driving license is valid.

After installing the App.

Open the mobile app and log in with your details.

Once logged in, on the Driving License Verification Tab, simply enter your National ID number and click verify.

Wait for the system to verify your license validity and the results will be displayed on the screen.

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The result will tell you if you are a holder of an original driving license or not. By any chance your driving license is Invalid, please contact NTSA or visit any of their nearest offices.

Here are other things you can do with the NTSA Mobile Application.

The App is able to help you;

  • Check your driving license status
  • Check the status of a PSV license
  • Access the inspection status of your vehicle
  • Check the status of your current driving license SACCO
  • Check your vehicle’s Night Travel status
  • Use the App to verify your status application
  • Report any reckless drivers and road accidents

4. Check Your Driving License Validity Through SMS

It is also possible to check the validation of your license through Short USSD Codes. That’s by text message.

To check your Driving License validation through SMS follow the easy steps below to receive your driving license originality status through text message.

Open your message app and create a new message.

Send your National ID number to: 22846

In a short period of time, you will receive an SMS from NTSA confirming if you are a holder of an original driving license or not.

The text message will straight forward tell you if you have a fake driving license or an original license.

Incase you ever get stopped by a traffic police officer while driving but you don’t have your driving license with you, simply send your ID number to 22846 and show the reply message to the officer.

Those are the 4 ways any driver can check the status of their driving license with no problem.

Be careful when getting a new DL, always confirm that the license is legitimate to avoid any future issues.

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