This is How Kanye West Became A Billionaire

Kanye West billionaire

On 24th of April Forbes announced that Kanye West is officially a billionaire with a net worth of $1.3 Billion.

This follows after Jay-Z was recently announced a billionaire last year. The 42-year-old rapper becames the second rapper billionaire.

Kanye West was a billionaire in the making in the long run. His talent and multiple business had all the potential.

Kanye West shoe deal with Adidas was his super boost for the rank. Kanye West Yeezy journey started way back in February of 2015. Building an empire that kept on growing and growing. According to the Forbes magazine, much of West’s wealth comes from Yeezy where he keeps 11% royalty of its revenue. Which in 2019 was around $1.3 billion.

What is Kanye West net worth?

$1.3 Billion


Here is the crackdown if Kanye’s 1.3 Billion net worth

A $1.26 billion stake in athletic wear Yeezy, which Bank of America valued at $3 billion last year

$17 million in cash

$35 million in stocks

$21 million in real estate

$3,845,162 worth of vehicles he owns

$297,050 of livestock

$53 million in debt, divided between him and his wife Kim Kardashian West

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