Kenya Coast National Polytechnic Courses Offered (full list) and Contact

List of Courses Offered

Looking for all the courses offered at Kenya Coast National Polytechnic?

Accredited courses offered at Kenya Coast National Polytechnic are listed below. Kenya Coast National Polytechnic offers all these courses for both new students who want to join the institution and the existing students currently enrolled in the institution.

You can find the list of courses that are currently available in Kenya Coast National Polytechnic, for all the students or candidates who would like to join the institution and pursue their careers.

Here are the Diploma courses, Certificate courses, Postgraduate courses, Undergraduate courses, Craft, Artisan courses among others that are currently offered at Kenya Coast National Polytechnic this year.

Below is the list of courses offered at Kenya Coast National Polytechnic (Kenya Coast Poly)

Courses Offered At Kenya Coast National Polytechnic:

  • Certificate Courses:

Certificate in Secretarial Studies(Secretarial Studies)

Certificate in Plumbing(Plumbing)

Certificate in Tailoring(Tailoring)

Certificate in Food Production(Food Production)

Certificate in Business Management(Business Management)

Certificate in Electrical Installation(Electrical Installation)

Certificate in Information Communication Technology(ICT)

Certificate in Video Production(Video Production)

Certificate in Credit Management(Credit Management)

Certificate in Human Resource Management(HRM)

International Computer Driving License(ICDL)

Certificate in Tour Guiding Operations(Tour Guiding Operations)

Certificate in Pastry and Bakery(Pastry and Bakery)

Certificate in Housekeeping(Housekeeping)

Certificate in Journalism and Media Studies(Journalism and Media Studies)

Artisan Certificate in Tiling(Tiling)

Certificate in Home Management (Home Management)

Certificate in Mixology(Mixology)

Certificate in Building Technology(Building Technology)

Certificate in Mechanical Engineering(Mechanical Engineering)

Certificate in Refrigeration and Air Conditioning(Refrigeration and Air Conditioning)

Certificate in Dress Making(Dress Making)

Certificate in Project Management(Project Management)

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Certificate in Electrical Engineering(Electrical Engineering)

Certificate in Disaster Management(Disaster management)

Certificate in Social Work(Social Work)

Certificate in Food Science and Technology(Food Science and Technology)

Certificate in Information Communication Technology Technician(ICTT)

Accounting Technicians Diploma(ATD)

Associate in Procurement and Supply of Kenya(APS K)

Certified Procurement and Supply Professional of Kenya(CPSP K)

Certificate in Automotive Engineering(Automotive Engineering)

Certificate in Tailoring and Dressmaking(Tailoring and Dressmaking)

Certificate in Supply Chain Management

Certified Public Accountant(CPA)

Certificate in Science Laboratory Technology(Science Laboratory Technology)

Motor Vehicle Mechanics(MVM)

Masonry Course(Masonry)

Electrical Installation Course

Certificate in Application of Solar Energy and Photovoltaics

Certificate in Cisco Certified Network Associate(CCNA)

Certificate in Computer Applications(Computer Applications)

Certificate in Computer Programming(Computer Programming)

Certificate in Carpentry and Joinery

Certificate in Accounting Finance and Management

Artisan Course in Hairdressing

Certificate in Customer Care

Artisan Certificate in Store keeping

Certificate in Tour guiding and Travel Operations

Artisan certificate in Food and Beverage

Craft Certificate in Food and Beverage

Craft Certificate in Fashion and Garment Making Technology

Craft Certificate in Front Office and Administration

Artisan Certificate in Hairdressing and Beauty

Artisan Certificate in Beauty Therapy and Hair Dressing

Proficiency Certificate in Front Office

Certificate in Cake Making and Decoration

Certificate in Pastry Chef

Certificate in Laundry Technique

Certificate in Event and Interior Decoration

Certificate in Professional Waiters

Certificate in Proficiency in Tour Driver Operation

Certificate in Event Planning and Management

Certificate in Film Editing and Photography

Certificate in Graphic Design and Branding

Certificate in HIV and AIDS Counseling

Certificate in Film Production

Certificate in Commercial Photography

Certificate in Portraits and Illustration

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Certificate in Disk Jockey and Disk Video Jockey (DJ/DVJ)

Certificate in Musical Instruments

Craft Certificate in Clerical Operations

Certificate in Marine Engineering

Artisan Certificate in Refrigeration and Air Conditioning

Artisan Certificate in Seafarers

Certificate in Welding and Fabrication

Certificate in Motor Vehicle Electrical

Certificate Automotive Mechanical Technician (Level 5)

Certificate in Scaffolding

Certificate in General Fitter

Certificate in Telecommunication Engineering

Certificate in Electrical Mechanics

Certificate in Programmable Logic Controllers

Certificate in Industrial Controls and Installation

Certificate in Computer Maintenance and Networking

Certificate in Mobile Application Programming

Certificate in Community Health and Development

Certificate in Medical Biotechnology

Certificate in Computerized Inventory Management for Health Professional

  • Diploma Courses:

Diploma in Environmental Science(Environmental Science)

Diploma in Telecommunication Engineering(Telecommunication Engineering)

Diploma in Mechanical Engineering(Mechanical Engineering)

Diploma in Business Management(Business Management)

Diploma in Civil Engineering(Civil Engineering)

Diploma in Secretarial Studies(Secretarial Studies)

Diploma in Accountancy(Accountancy)

Diploma in Human Resource Management(Human Resource Management)

Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology(Medical Laboratory Technology)

Diploma in Banking and Finance(Banking and Finance)

Diploma in Automotive Engineering(Automotive Engineering)

Diploma in Catering and Accommodation Operation

Diploma in Hairdressing

Diploma In Social Work and Community Development

Diploma in Fashion Design

Diploma in Information Communication Technology(ICT)

Diploma in Food Science Technology(Food Science Technology)

Diploma in Beauty Therapy(Beauty Therapy)

Diploma in Analytical Chemistry(Analytical Chemistry)

Diploma in Food and Beverage Services (Food and Beverage Services)

Diploma in Tourism Management(Tourism Management)

Diploma in Electrical Engineering (Electrical Engineering )

Diploma in Community Health and Development(Community Health and Development)

Diploma in Pharmaceutical Technology(Pharmaceutical Technology)

Diploma in Medical Biotechnology(Medical Biotechnology)

Diploma in Journalism and Media Studies (Journalism and Media Studies )

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Diploma in Applied Biology(Applied Biology)

Diploma in Building Technology(Building Technology)

  • Kenya Coast National Polytechnic Contacts:

Address: P.O. BOX 81220 – 80100,
Mombasa, Kenya

Location: Mombasa, Kenya

Telephone Number: +254 (0) 712725554

Telephone Number 2: +254 (0) 710389727

Email Address: [email protected]


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