Nutritionists Salary In Kenya 2023

A Nutritionist

How much do nutritionists in Kenya make per month?.

If you are wondering how much you can earn every month as a nutritionist in Kenya this year, here is exactly what you need to know.

Who is a Nutritionist?

In an easy explanation, a nutritionist is a person who has specialized in Nutrition and Dietetics.

How much are Nutritionists Paid in Kenya?

In this article, we are going to look at how much a nutrients in Kenya makes every single month.

One thing to note though is that Nutritionists are highly valued in Kenya today, which means that they earn a decent amount of money as their monthly salary.

This comes without mentioning the fact that being a Nutritionist in Kenya means you will earn extra money (allowances), apart from your monthly income, which might be a huge allowance depending on various factors.

Allowances that a Nutritionist in Kenya earns are in form of; Transport allowance, Housing allowance and Travel allowance among other allowances.

Salary For Nutritionist In Kenya:

As a Nutritionist, one provides reliable information on healthy foods and diet.

Which means that a Nutritionist only deals with patients who are perfectly healthy and NOT sick.

According to a recent research, in Kenya, Female Nutritionists are paid 16.9% more salary than Male Nutritionist.

There are various fields or categories in a Nutritionist Career which also determines an increase or maintain in a Nutritionist’s salary.

These are;

Health Coordinator

Nutrition Specialists

Product Supervisor

Dietitians etc.

Clinical Nutritionist Manager – they deal with all the general clinical matters and reviews all the necessary information to provide valuable nutritional advice.

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In Kenya, the monthly average Salary of a Clinical Nutritionist Manager is around Ksh.60,000 to 200,000

On the other hand, the Monthly Average Salary of a Nutritionist In Kenya Is around Ksh.360,000 as of this year’s research results.

Just like any other specialist career in Kenya, the level of education, experience and the institution one works at will determine the overall monthly income of a Nutritionist.

Below is how much different fields make in Kenya as Nutritionists or Dietitians.

Salaries for Nutritionists In Kenya:

  • Nutritionists

The Average Monthly Salary of a Nutritionist in Kenya is KSh. 360,000

  • Clinical Nutrition Manager

The Average Monthly Salary of a Clinical Nutrition Manager in Kenya is KSh. 60,000

  • Dietitian or Nutritionist

The Average Monthly Salary of a Nutritionist in Kenya is KSh. 360,000

Health/Nutrition Coordinator

The Average Monthly Salary of a Nutrition Coordinator in Kenya is KSh. 2 Million

  • Nutrition Specialist

The Average Monthly Salary of a Nutrition Specialist in Kenya is KSh. 1 Million

The above amount of salaries is the average monthly salary a Nutritionists makes in Kenya minus their allowances.

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