Kenya Prisons Police Salaries, Allowances and Their Ranks 2023

Kenya Prisons Service Salary Scale

How much are the police service security in Kenyan prison making per month?.

Find out today how much a prison service officer makes as their salaries and their allowances including other benefits of working in the prisons in the country.

One of the toughest police jobs in Kenya is working as a prison officer who is the security personnel of Kenya’s biggest and medium prisons.

Just like the ground police in Kenya, the prison police officers in the country also have a ranks.

The higher you are in the rank the senior you get and the more money you are paid by the government.

Below is the ranking of the police officers in the prisons in Kenya.

This is the list of the various ranks in the Kenya Prisons Service, from the least level to the highest level under each category – The Junior Officers Level and The Senior Officers Level.

Junior Officers Level:

Constable of Prisons-PG 1

Corporal of Prisons-PG 2

Sergeant of Prisons-PG 3

Senior Sergeant of Prisons-PG 4

Senior Officers Level:

Inspector of Prisons-PG 5

Chief Inspector of Prisons- PG 6

Superintendent of Prisons-PG 7

Senior Superintendent of Prisons-PG 8

Assistant Commissioner of Prisons-PG 9

Senior Assistant Commissioner of Prisons-PG 10

Deputy Commissioner of Prisons-PG 11

Senior Deputy Commissioner of Prisons-PG 12

Assistant Commissioner General of Prisons-PG 13

Deputy Commissioner General of Prisons-PG 14

Commissioner General of Prisons-PG 15

How much are the Kenya Prison Service officers paid in Kenya per month?.

Here is the salary scale for police working in the Kenyan prisons and their ranking in the police service.

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Kenya Prison Service Salary Scale:

The average monthly salary of a Kenya police service officer is around ksh. 35,000.

The senior you are in the ranking the more money you make among other benefits like extra allowances.

Below is the new salary structure of the Kenya Prison Police by rank.

Constable of Prisons – KSh22,000

Corporal of Prisons from KSh28,000

Sergeant of Prisons – KSh33,000

Senior Sergeant of Prisons – KSh 38,000

Inspector of Prisons – KSh155,000

Chief Inspector of Prisons – KSh161,000

Superintendent of Prisons – KSh170,000

Senior Superintendent of Prisons – KSh189,000

Assistant Commissioner of Prisons – KSh201,000

Senior deputy commissioner – KSh227,000

Assistant Commissioner General of Prisons – KSh256,000

Deputy Commissioner General of Prisons – KSh323,000

Commissioner General of Prisons – KSh430,000

Kenya Prisons Police Officers Allowances and Benefits:

The Kenya prison service earn allowances apart from their monthly salaries.

These allowances include the following;

House Allowance: Ksh. 10,000

Commuter Allowance: Ksh. 3,000

Leave Allowance

Extraneous Allowance

Special Duty Allowance

Hardship Allowance

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