Top 10 Highest Paid Radio Presenters In Kenya and Their Salary (2024 Update)

Highest-paid Radio Presenters In Kenya

Who is the highest-paid radio presenter in Kenya today?.

Here are the top ten highest paid radio personalities in the country today and their monthly salary.

In Kenya, radio presenters are actually one of the highest paid media personalities.

Radio companies in Kenya are willing to pay a lot of money to radio presenters with experience and the once that already have a huge influence.

Out of all the means of communication in Kenya today including the digital ones, Radio is still the leading means of communication in the country.

Which means that advertisers will most certainly choose to get their products advertised on radios because they are sure that the word will be delivered to millions of Kenyans daily, which technically means more money flowing into radio stations.

If you are a fan of a certain radio station in Kenya or rather a huge fan of a certain radio presenter, check out this list of the highest paid radio presenters in the country and see where your favorite radio personality ranks.

As of this year, Kenya’s highest paid Radio Presenter is currently Maina Kageni. He holds the title of the highest paid Radio Personality in Kenya.

Daniel Ndambuki popularly known as “Churchill” is the second-highest-paid radio presenter in Kenya.

The duo have the most listened to radio show in Kenya and this has been going on for years.

When it comes to women on radio Wilbroda is now the highest paid female radio personality in Kenya.

With that being said, below is the list of the highest paid radio personalities in Kenya who make a lot of money as radio presenters, including their radio presenter salary.

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Highest-paid Radio Presenters In Kenya:

1. Maina Kageni

(Expected to retire this year)

The highest paid radio presenter in Kenya is Maina Kageni.

Estimated Salary: KES 3 Million.

2. Daniel Ndambuki (Churchill)

Churchill is the 2nd highest paid radio personality in the country.

Estimated Salary: KES 1.3 Million

3. Joseph Ogidi Opiyo (Gidi)

Gidi aka Joseph Opiyo is the third Highest-paid radio celebrity in Kenya today.

Estimated Salary: KES 800,000

4. Willy M. Tuva (Mzazi)

Kenya’s fourth highest paid Radio Personality is Mzazi Willy M Tuva.

Estimated Salary: KES 700,000.

5. Felix Odiwour (Jalang’o) (Update: not on radio anymore)

(Expected to retire this year)

Holding the 5th place as the highest paid radio presenter in Kenya is Jalango.

Estimated Salary: KES 590,000.

6. Daniel Githinji Mwangi (Mbusi)

Mbusi is currently the sixth highest paid Presenter in a Kenyan Radio Station.

Estimated Salary: KES 570,000.

7. Jacob Mulee (Ghost Mulee)

Ghost Mulee is the seventh highest paid radio personality in Kenya this year.

Estimated Salary: KES 500,000.

8. Kamene Goro (Update: not on radio anymore)

At the eighth place is none other than Kamene Goro, this makes her the Highest Paid Female Radio Presenter in Kenya.

Estimated Salary: KES 500,000.

9. Alex Mwakideu

Alex Mwakideu is on the ninth position when it comes to the Highest-paid radio personalities in Kenya.

Estimated Salary: KES 370,000.

10. Jacquey Nyaminde (Wilbroda)

Wilbroda is Kenya’s tenth Highest-paid radio presenter and currently the second highest paid Female Radio Personality in Kenya. Wilbroda has for the past few years grown in the radio industry to become on of the most listened to female radio presenter.

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Estimated Salary: KES 300,000.

11. Jeff Koinange

As of this year, those are the Highest-paid radio presenters in Kenya.

We shall keep updating this article to make sure that the rankings of the highest paid radio personalities in Kenya and their salaries are as accurate as possible.

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