Patrick Munyoki Kioko: Man Who Stabbed Lover To Death At A Pizza Shop In Kitengela Speaks

Patrick Munyoki Kioko who stabbed lover to death in Kitengela

The man who stabbed his lover inside Kitengela pizza shop finally gives his side of the story in a statement to police.

Patrick Munyoki Kioko, a 25 year old man on Friday night stabbed 22 year old alleged girlfriend Gertrude Wayua Mutiso in Kitengela Kajiado county inside a pizza shop they were both working in.

The suspect Patrick Munyoki Kioko was working the morning shift on Friday before he returned to work at around 8PM and stabbed Ms Wayua, leaving her in a pool of blood, where she succumbed to her injuries.

In his statement to detectives attached to the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI), the man now says he was upset when he realised Ms Wayua was seeing one of the managers at her place of work.

“This is a woman I loved so much. I was just bitter that she decided to hurt me right at our place of work,” he told police.

He told detectives that Ms Wayua, whom he started dating since their days at Kimathi University in Nyeri, dumped him five months ago for having a stammer.

“This is a woman l loved so much. I am even the one who deflowered her. After l learnt of her new relationship at our workplace it hurt me more,” he said.

The Detectives also established that Kioko had threatened Wayua several times before he attacked her on Friday and stabbed her five times as she served customers at the pizza outlet.

Ms Wayua is said to have reported the threats to her father who is a senior police officer in Kiambu hours before the Friday night incident.

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The suspect is currently recuperating after a mob caught him and beat him up.

Kioko is expected to be arraigned in court today, with police saying they will be seeking to detain him for 14 more days to allow them complete investigations into the killing.

The suspect further told the officers that he was still pained but regretted his actions as the lady he loved so much was no more.

Kenyan Magazine has established that the deceased is a daughter of a senior police officer serving in Kiambu County.

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