Reasons Why Your TSC Number Application Is Rejected or Delayed 2023

TSC Number Registration

Did your Teachers Service Commission (TSC) Number just got rejected? Or have you already applied for a TSC Number but you are NOT getting any response?.

You might be doing something wrong knowingly or unknowingly and that is why your TSC Number is getting delayed/rejections.

One thing that you should know is that the system is very sensitive when it comes to the Teachers Service Commission Number Registration.

Which basically means that if you happen to miss even a single thing or mess up a bit, the whole process is considered corrupt, which will lead to a TSC Rejection.

When you are done with your Teachers Training program and you have completed your studies, before you can start teaching Pupils and Students, you MUST register with TSC Kenya.

Registering for a TSC number is very important for your teaching career as you can see, so to help you figure out what could be the problem with your TSC number, below are all the possible reasons why your TSC Number registration might have been rejected.

Common Rejection Reasons For A Teachers Service Commission Number Application:

These are some of the reasons why your TSC number was rejected.

1. Your TSC Number is not ready yet

The first reason why you have not received your Teachers Service Commission number yet is simply because it has NOT been processed just yet, be patient and wait for everything to be completed, before you can worry about rejection.

2. You Missed some important information or details

As mentioned earlier, the Teachers’ system (TSC) is very accurate when it comes to information based data.

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So make sure you have entered and answered everything correctly and accurately.

3. Health Issues

Yes, health can also be a reason of a TSC number rejection or delay.

For instance if the TSC applicant was or is suffering any kind of mental illness or injury that typically renders them from being capable of teaching, their application might be extra delayed or rejected.

4. Unqualified

Another factor that might be a reason of a TSC number delay or rejection is the academic and professional qualifications of the applicant.

5. Bad Records

Bad records such as offenses, unsettled cases, conflict cases, sexual offenses or criminal records are also reasons one’s TSC number could be rejected.

Ensure that every single reason listed above is clear to avoid any problems with your Teachers Service Commission Number.

There you have it, those are the most common, possible reasons for a TSC Number registration delay or rejection.

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