Salaries for Chiefs and Assistant Chiefs In Kenya 2023

Kenyan Chief

How much are Kenyan chiefs and their assistants make per month in Kenya?.

Here is the salary scale for chiefs and assistant chiefs in the country as of this year.

Before looking at the salaries of chiefs and their assistants, here are the qualifications for one to become a chief or assistant chief in Kenya.

Chief/Assistant Chief Candidate Requirements:

  • Must be a Kenyan Citizen
  • Must be at least 35 years old
  • Must have worked in the Public Service for a period of nothing less than five years
  • Must be a resident of the particular sitting Location
  • Must have an original Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) with a mean grade of C.
  • Must be in possession of a certificate in Public Administration/Management, Social Work/Community Development, Teaching, Disaster Management or its equivalent from a recognized Kenyan institution
  • Good communication skills, Responsible and professional services are a plus.

That’s all you need to become a Kenyan Chief or an Assistant Chief of your sub-location.

With that said, below is how much how much Assistant Chiefs and Chiefs make in Kenya.

As you might know, the Kenyan government introduced a new scheme that led to an increase in pay for the Chiefs and their Assistants.

This increased the gross salary of Chiefs and Assistant Chiefs in Kenya significantly with a higher percentage rate, compared to what they used to earn years back.

Here is the salary scale for chiefs/assistant chiefs in Kenya.

Chiefs and Assistant Chiefs Monthly Salary Scale:

On average the monthly salary of a Chief in Kenya ranges from Ksh. 30,000 to 70,000 depending on experience.

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The average monthly salary of an Assistant Chief in Kenya ranges from Ksh. 26,000 to 47,000.

The most common salary of a Kenyan Chief is Ksh. 40,000 and the highest paid chief in Kenya makes Ksh. 70,000 per month.

The most common salary for a Kenyan Assistant Chief is around Ksh. 30,000.

A chief with no experience in Kenya will pocket around Ksh. 30,000 when employed.

Kenya has a total of 6,000 Chiefs and Assistant Chiefs all representing their sub locations.

That’s the amount of salary you can expect to make by becoming a Chief or Assistant Chief in your location in Kenya.

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